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"You should tell your family," Zayn was saying five days later. We were all seated around the tiny kitchen table to eat breakfast before Hannah, Sophie and Charlie would take Zayn and I to the airport to return to London.

"I will. Eventually," I hissed as Sophie set the massive bowl of eggs on the table. The smell made me nauseous immediately and I ran off to the bathroom to throw up. 

Zayn was immediately nearby, holding my hair back for me as I wretched into the toilet. "It's ok babe. It'll be ok," he murmured soothingly. "All done?"

I shakily nodded and walked back into the kitchen to fill a glass with water. I swished it around and spat back into the sink. I proceeded to sit back at the table and began eating my eggs as if nothing had happened. 

Sophie gave me a funny look. "Are you sure you're all right?"

"I'm fine. Vomiting is a common side effect of a concussion and it makes the idea of eating extremely unappealing," I promised. 

"That's unfortunate. Eating is my favorite. I eat almost like I'm eating for two," Zayn said, his voice full of implications. He had been on my case about telling my family ever since I left the hospital.

"Gee that's funny. You're a boy so if that's case, you should probably see a doctor," I shot back. 

"True. I'd have to call my family right away if I learned that I was expecting," he agreed. 

Hannah was wearing a confused expression and nodded when Charlie said, "you two have weird conversations."

"But we have conversations! That's the important part," Zayn responded. "Because communication is key."

I let out a little puff of air and stabbed an egg with a bit more force than was probably necessary. "Only when you're ready to talk about things though."

"Of course it becomes much harder to do that when you are overseas," he said. "Time differences and what not. Plus, some conversations should be had in person. Don't you think?"

"Yes," I admitted grudgingly. "Guys, I'm pregnant."

Charlie choked on his coffee and Hannah had dropped her fork loudly. "Come again?" 

"I didn't know, but the doctor at the hospital said it showed up in my bloodwork," I replied. 

"Pregnant," Charlie said stupidly.

"Congratulations?" Hannah said hesitantly. It came out more like a question and I laughed. 

"We're very happy about it," Zayn assured her. 

"Good because I am too!" She squealed. "I'm going to be an aunt!"

"Aunt Sophie say something!" I said, a little worried because her jaw was still hanging open.

"You're only twenty," she whispered. "You're so young."

"My mom was twenty- two when I was born," I reminded her. "That's not so different."

"If you're happy then I'm happy for you," Sophie finally answered. "So is Charlie," she added when he continued to just stare at us.

We all laughed at that, significantly easing the tension in the room. I helped to clean up the kitchen with Hannah and Sophie while Charlie and Zayn wandered off to talk. Before long we were all piled into the car on the way to the airport. Sophie insisted that I take the front seat, despite my reminders that I was barely pregnant. 

"You had better spoil her rotten, Zayn," Sophie said as she hugged him goodbye. 

"Of course," he laughed, returning the embrace. The two of them had gotten along better than I could have imagined, and I suspected that she was going to miss him once we left. "Come visit us in London sometime!"

"I will!" Hannah declared, releasing her hold on me to hug him. 

"He had better treat you right," Charlie said into my ear as he hugged me. "Call me if I need to knock some sense into him."

"Don't worry," I replied. "He's one of the good ones." The paparazzi were snapping pictures right and left, but I managed to ignore them.

"We should get going. Looks like the line for security is pretty long," Zayn said, taking my hand in his.

I waved one final goodbye to my family and blew a kiss to the paps for good measure. "Why are there four tickets?" I asked, glancing at the papers he was holding.  

"Because we're only stopping in London for a layover. We're going to Bradford for an overnight. I've got some pretty big news for my family."

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