When an idiot worried too much

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"Man, I could not sleep at all last night," Skyler said, stretching his arms out as he walked out to the living room next morning.

Archer was sitting on the sofa, drying his wet black hair with a towel while watching some cartoons with Rags. "Was the movie that scary for you?"

"It wasn't scary at all!"

"Really? Because the way you were screaming and failing to hold on to Rags made me think otherwise."

"Shut up, Arch. And that wasn't why I couldn't sleep."

"Then, what was it?"

Skyler couldn't produce a definite answer, but the closest reason he arrived at was anxiety. Archer never revealed what he and Rags would be doing together today, but knowing his gay friend, it was bound to be needlessly over the top. He wasn't looking forward to it at all, mostly the part of having to spend any amount of time alone with a ghost.

On the other hand, it did seem he had done something wrong to Rags, although he didn't have the slightest clue what it was. Memory was never Skyler's strong point, especially when it involved people. This explained his inability to name even five girls he had slept with during the past year. But that was beside the point. What he needed to worry about now was how to give his payment where it was due.

Skyler replied, "It's nothing. Just tell me the plan you mentioned last night already."

Rags joined in, "Yeah, I'd like to know too."

"Would you say you are dying with curiosity?" Cooper asked, entering the living room with a dumb grin. His eyes were still half-closed from having just woken up. But no time was too early to crack a pun for the blonde one.

Cooper and his bad humor were left entirely ignored as Rags and Skyler waited for Archer's explanation. However, they wouldn't get the satisfaction of receiving it quite yet.

Smirking, Archer said, "Everything will be set in motion after class. Sky, you're done at around five today, right?"

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