Pink frosting and a splash of coffee

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<3 Hello. I just want to say that the first chapter might be a bit slow, things start to pick up in the middle of the next chapter, so please hang in there :P And I hope that you enjoy this twisted romance. <3

The deafening sound of people chatting, clangs of cups, and the smell of coffee was overwhelming, as I sat there in the crowded coffee shop with my friends. I was trying to subtly subdue the small internal panic attack that was on the verge of running amok.

We where on vacation in London, Kate, Rose, Beth and I.  And here I was panicking in silence. The other girls where oblivious to my silent struggle, which was not that strange considering that I had never in our 12 years of being friends told them about my social anxiety. I had become a genius at hiding it, all because I was terrified that someone might one day find out. I did not want anyone to treat me any diffrently because of it, and most importantly, I didnt want them to see just how weirdly damaged I was.

I nervously glanced around the bright lemon colored coffee shop, trying to block out the screetching voice in my head, and to keep my breath as even as possible. I felt hot, the people and sounds making it hard to breathe. I did a quick reconnaissance of the room, my eyes darting everywhere. Flickering erraticly from person to person, not really taking in any details, just checking where they were looking. I finaly came to the conclution that no one was actually looking at me. It was all in my head, again.

Suddenly a loud high pitched laugh broke through the constant buzz of the coffee shop. My eyes flew over to the table by the entrance of the shop, I was going into instant panic mode again. It was occupied by three blonde girls, giving off a slightly bitchy vibe. But their mocking laughter wasnt aimed at me, so I relaxed a bit, and shifted my focus back to my friends. Rose and Kate had begun arguing about the plans we had for the comming day.

"I think we should go to Harrods later in the week, it makes no sense going there tomorrow when we are going to be on the other side of town the rest of the day" Kate said with an exasperated sigh.

"No sense to you maybe," Rose shot back, giving the readhed a glaring look.

They always did this, argue over every little detail of the trip. I had learned early on that there was no point in butting in, so I just let them have at it. I honestly didnt care what activity we did, nor on which day, I just wanted to enjoy the trip with them. I zoned out from the conversation again just as Beth joined the quarrel taking Kates side.

I looked apprehensively around the room again, trying to distract myself from, well.. myself.

A small jingle came from the front door of the shop, announcing two new arrivals, and at the same time it drew my attention to them. I found myself staring at the two imposing men that stalked into the shop, my anxiety momentarily forgotten. They had the look of serious bussiness men about them, but something seemed just a little bit off. They where wearing black suites that looked expensive, maybe tailored, but that wasnt what was off about them. I just could not put my finger on it. The first man had short sandy blonde hair, high cheekbones, and a nose that looked to big for his small face. The blonde man looked grim, like he had just gotten some really bad news, just like the second guy who entered right behind him. The second guy was draging his hand through his dark brown hair as he entered, trying to fix it. Not that his hair actually needed fixing, not a strand of it was out of place, just like the rest of him, it was perfectly groomed. But something about both men screamed trubble. I decided to play a little mental profiling game with the two men, it would be perfect to get my mind off things. I closed my eyes for a second, and thought about their slick suites, mean aura, and slightly european looks. They felt wrong, like they where bad guys, maybe mobsters? I bit my lip in contemplation. Yes, its decided! They are mobsters, villains. I opened my eyes again, and stalked them with my curious blue eyes.

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