Chapter 9

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MayMay's POV:

School was finished and Me, Marco, and Kisses are now in my room and I already know they're gonna ask the reason why are my eyes swollen

"Ok Ate May, tell us now, why did you cry?" Marco asked

"Who said I cried?" I lied and they both just looked at me

"Ate May, we know you cried" Kisses said and I just sighed

"I just remembered Mama, I remembered the words she said to me when Lolo and Lola died, it hurts kaya" I said

"Ate May, we told you to forget about it na right?" Kisses said

"But it's so hard Kisses, she's my mom" I said and they both just hugged me and my tears poured out once again

"It's okay Ate May, she'll come around some time, let it out, let it out, we're here for you" Marco said and my tears wouldn't stop flowing, I cried for at least 10 more minutes and then I finally stopped and I just looked at the both of them and gave them a smile

"Thank you for you guys' help, I love you both so much" I said

"We love you too Ate May, we love you very very much, you're our Ate" Kisses said and I just kissed her cheek and kissed Marco's forehead

"Love na love ko kayo ng sobrang sobra" I said

"Tara na, nood na tayo" I said and they nodded their heads and we laid down on her bed and watched tv for 2 hours then Kisses and Marco decided to go home.

"Ye May ha, stay strong, we love you so much" Kisses said and hugged me and kissed my cheek

"Ate May, we'll go na ha, take care of yourself" Marco said and hugged me and kissed my forehead

"Love you Ate May!" He added and I gave him a smile

"Love you too Bebe Marco, mahal na mahal ko kayong dalawa" I said and they smiled and hugged me

"Sige na Ate May, we'll go na" Marco said and I nodded my head and hinatid ko na sila sa pinto. When they got out they turned around to wave to me

"Bye Ate May!!" They both said and I waved to them and said good bye. I really don't know what I'll do with my life if I don't have those two. I went back in and closed the door and Mama was still not home so I decided to cook dinner for both of us pero I decided to eat na and then I'll do homework and then I'll freshen up and relax. After eating I washed the dishes and tinago ko yung food ni Mama sa ref and I put a note on it. After I was done with the dishes I went up to my room and took a shower and I put on my PJs and it was hot sometimes here so I put on some shorts

After freshening up I went back to my room and hopped on my bed and got on my phone and then a few minutes later I heard the doorbell so I went down and opened the door and I saw Edward

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After freshening up I went back to my room and hopped on my bed and got on my phone and then a few minutes later I heard the doorbell so I went down and opened the door and I saw Edward. What the heck is he doing here?

Edward's POV:

I was so bored, I have nothing to do here in the house, I have no one to talk to so I decided to go to MayMay's house, her house was the nearest eh so I just decided to walk there and when I got to her house I rang the doorbell and a few minutes the door opened and revealed MayMay and she was just wearing shorts and she had long legs, wow. She just looked at me, she's probably wondering why I'm here.

"Edward what are you doing here? It's night already" She asked and I just looked at her, she was really beautiful.

"Oyyy Edward, answer me" She said and I snapped out of my thoughts and looked her in the eyes

"Umm I had nothing to do in the house so I decided to go here, I was just bored" I said and she raised and eyebrow at me

"Seriously, of all the people's houses you can go to, why mine?" She asked

"Because yours is the nearest" I said and she just sighed

"Get in" She said and I just went in and looked at around, her house was very cozy.

"Oh what are you gonna do here?" She asked

"I don't know what is there do do here?" I asked and she thought about it

"Well we could watch tv in my room and then we could just talk until mawala and boredom mo at makauwi ka na" She said and then I just nodded my head

"Sige" I said and she showed me the way upstairs and we went to her room. I looked around and her room was simple yet very nice, there were pictures of her, Kisses, and Marco on her walls and on her side tables and desks and she just sat on her bed and I just looked at her

"Oh I thought we're gonna watch what are you doing there? C'mon sit down here, huwag ka na mahiya" She said and I just went to her bed and sat down. We watched some movies and we were laughing so much, but then we watched a sad movie and MayMay was pouring her eyes out and I tried so hard not to laugh at her, because she looks so funny crying over a movie. After we watched our third movie she closed the tv and looked at me

"Why'd you turn it off?" I asked her

"Well we're gonna talk, I wanna know more about you, tell me about yourself" She said and I just sighed and nodded my head


Hep Hep Hep, that is it for now, read the next chapter to know more about Mr. Popular. I hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter and I am in a very good mood today because it's Sunday and if it's Sunday there's ASAP, ASAP Chillout and MayMay and Edward are hosts in ASAP Chillout so I love it!! They're the reason why I watch ASAP Chillout, they were so cute kanina, and they faced Dame Tu Cosita and ang cute nila!! Bagay na bagay talaga sila, made for each other. Well I have nothing to say now so buh-byeeeee my lovely readers, mwah mwah tsup tsup!!

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