Chapter 8

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Edward's POV:

So far so good, people are believing that me and MayMay are really dating and she's a really fun person to be with, I can see why a lot of guys tried to court her and she's beautiful too. Now we are in the cafeteria and I am with MayMay, her friends, and my friends and we're all just eating and talking and I saw in the corner of eye that Heaven was talking to Paulo again and I felt a jealousy run through my body and I just stood up and went to the rest room.

MayMay's POV:

We were all just eating and talking when all of a sudden Edward got up and went out and we all stopped talking and looked at each other

"What happened to him?" Ricci asked and I looked around for possible answers and then I saw that Heaven was talking to Paulo again, I guess Edward saw that. I looked at the others and pointed to Heaven and Paulo and they looked at them and looked back

"Ah I get it, he's jealous" Christian said

"I just don't get why he's so in love with that girl, she's awful, she cheats on all the guys she's been with, Edward doesn't know that she's been cheating on him while they were together, I just really don't get it" Bailey said and we all agreed

"Well looks can be deceiving" I said

"True" Markus said

"I'd rather choose the personality of a girl, not the looks, I really don't care about the looks as long as they love me the way I am" Marco said

"Kaya Ate May don't ever doubt your beauty because you're beautiful inside and out" He added and I just smiled at him and wrapped my arm around his shoulder

"Thank you bebe boy" He said and he smiled back

"Labyu Labyu, mwah mwah tsup tsup" He said and I chuckled

"Bakit ang extra sweet mo today?" I asked him

"Wala naman, di ba pwede maging ang lalaki sa Ate niyang maganda?" He said and I shook my head while laughing

"Sus nambola ka pa" I said

"Huyyy sali naman ako diyan" Kisses said and I wrapped my other arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek

"Labyu bebe girl" I said and hugged both of them

"Awww sweet niyo naman" Markus said

"You know May, if I just met you guys I would think that you and Marco are dating, because you guys are so sweet to each other" Bailey said and I just smiled

"Because I treat him like my brother already and I love both him and Kisses very much" I said

"Awww Ate May, Labyu Labyu" Kisses said

"Selos ako sa friendship niyong tatlo" Ricci said and the three of us laughed

"Bahala nga kayo diyan, kain na ako, one of you guys check on Edward please, baka kung anong mangyari dun sa lalaking yun" I said and continued to eat my food

"May ikaw na mag check kay Edward, you're the girlfriend, you should be the one to comfort him" Ronnie said and I just raised an eyebrow at him

"Excuse me, fake girlfriend lang niya ako" I kept my voice low so no one else would here

"Still May" He said and I just sighed and got up and looked at them

"No one touches my food or else uupakan ko kayo" I said and they nodded their heads and I went out the cafeteria and started to look for Edward

"Edward" I called out his name and walked around the school

"Edward" I called again, a few minutes has passed and still no sign of Edward. Sus bahala na nga siya, I'll go nalang to the rooftop. The rooftop is where I always go to think and sometimes that's also where I cry most of the time, though Kisses and Marco don't know that I go here, I always go here when I have free time in class, because we don't always have the same class, so I went up the stairs until I got to the door of the rooftop and opened it and went to where I always go, and I leaned on the wall and looked at the view, it's so beautiful. I then started to think about everything, my mom, my grandparents, sila Kisses, everything. Then tears started to pour out my eyes

"Ma why do you blame me? I didn't do anything to cause Lolo and Lola's death naman eh?!" I exclaimed and I just poured everything out

"Did I do something bad to deserve all this?!" I asked and looked up, the tears won't stop flowing and then I felt a presence beside me and I immediately looked at the person and it was Edward and he gave me his handkerchief and I took it and wiped my eyes

"What are you doing here?" I asked him

"This is the place where I go if I want to just relax and think about everything" He said

"Ahh we're the same pala, I go here also most of the time" I said

"Why are you crying?" He asked and I just sighed

"It's just because of my mom, I just can't help but think of reasons of why she blames me for the death of my grandparents, I didn't do anything to cause their death naman eh and yet she blames me for everything, I loved my grandparents too, I loved them very much, they stood as my parents when she was working, she doesn't care" I said and the tears started to pour out again

"May don't worry, I'm here for you, we all are, me, Kisses, Marco, and all the guys too, you have our support, don't worry" He said and he wrapped his arms around me and I just wrapped mine around him as well and my tears poured out. After a few more minutes I stopped crying and I gave back his handkerchief

"Don't, you need it more than I do, you can have it" He said with smile and I smiled back and thanked him

"Tara na let's go to the cafeteria, I still have to finish my food" I said and he chuckled and nodded his head and we went back downstairs to the cafeteria

"Oh Edward, ok ka lang?" Iñigo asked and Edward just nodded his head

"Ate May why are your eyes swollen? Are you okay?" Kisses asked and I nodded my head and gave them a smile

"Of course I'm okay, this is nothing" I said and Kisses and Marco looked at each other

"Ate May ha, we'll talk later" Marco said and I just sighed and nodded my head


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