Chap 2: A Loathsome Meeting

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Jeno's POV

What the hell was that?

"Get dressed, and get out. I'm bored of this already."

That girl, whatever her name was, grabbed her clothes with a pissed off look on her face and got dressed.
How annoying, did she expect me to treat her gently?
She's not my girlfriend or even my friend, for that matter. She's more like a fuck buddy who comes running when I call her. Pretty desperate, if you ask me. Complete turn off.

"Hey.. can you only do this.. you know.. with me?" She muttered softly.

There it is. I was wondering when she would ask. How thickskin can she be? I declined when she asked me out and showed no interest whatsoever in her. Although we fuck sometimes.

"Ha.. how annoying. Leave already."

She lives in the apartments situated near the dorms and I managed to bump into her when we were at a coffee shop nearby. Since then, she had been after me like a dog.

She left and it got eerily quiet again.

I should just sleep today away. There's nothing interesting anyways.


3rd Person POV


Ugh what.. Oh it's my alarm.

This boy had an alarm set for his meal times. The one which rang informed him that it's Dinner time.

How long did I sleep? 3 hours. Not bad.

Getting up from his bed groggily, he grabbed a bottle of water and made his way out. As he was leaving, he saw a brown haired boy sitting outside his door, while hugging his knees.

Who the hell is that? Is that Johnny? Nah.. wait is it? Why would he wait out here for me?

"Yah.. wake up"

How the hell did this kid sleep out here?

Grabbing the brown haired guy's head with both hands, he slowly lifted it up to see who it was.

Woah. Pretty damn beautiful.

He took a seat infront of him as he wondered how to wake him up.
Moving his face as near the other boy's as he could, he cupped his face and stared at him as he analysed his face.
Long eyelashes, check.
Pink lips, check.
Sharp jawline, check.
Sharp nose, check.
That's a full package, right there, he thought.

Grinning, he took the bottle of water he had with him and


The guy woke up with a confused look as he blinked a few times. Huh?
"WHAT THE FUCK?!", he exclaimed, though his angry face was the least bit intimidating. His entire head and his hoodie was drenched to the core.

Damn, he's cuter awake.
This might be fun.

His eyes shining although he was hella angry and his frowning face caused Jeno to chuckle.

"Why did you do that?!" He genuinely looked like he was gonna cry. Did he think I was bullying him? Interesting.

"Hey, why are you sitting outside?"

He got up, took his bag and unlocked the dorm, all while refusing to answer the guy who poured water all over him.

"Dickhead.", saying that he slammed the door shut.

Great. First day and someone is already fucking with me. Motherfucker.
Next time I see him, I'm gonna beat him up.

Walking in, he saw the same couch someone was having sex on.
Remind me to never sit there, he made a mental note.
Behind it were 2 beds vertically facing the doorway, probably 5 feet apart.

Putting his bag on the empty bed, he took off his drenched hoodie and T-shirt, and grabbed a towel to dry himself.

Guess my roommate went somewhere else to fuck his girl. Might as well just change into something more comfortable here.

Right as he removed his pants, the door opened.

Wide-eyed, the both of them stared at each other in shock.
"Nice", Jaemin heard the other boy say while eyeing him.

"AAAAAAAAAA YOU FUCKING PERVERT GET THE FUCK OUT" he snapped while grabbing the towel to cover himself up.
Okay that's it. That's the last straw. How the hell did that guy have the audacity to say that to me while looking with those dirty eyes?

"Why? This is my dorm. I'm not going anywhere." Jeno said as he plopped onto his own bed.

No way.


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