Chapter 10: Pha

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What is up with me lately? It's one bad choice after another.

I can't sum it all up to some serious bad luck and unfortunate coincidences. Though that is also true, I know I made bad decisions.

List of things that have gone wrong:

I got suckered into a date... that date kissed me... that date had a boyfriend... that boyfriend beat the crap out of me... when I was at my lowest I was seen by a stranger... keep seeing the strangers innocent and caring smile every time I close my eyes ... the stranger happens to be a boy... I repeat ... A BOY IS STUCK IN MY HEAD... When I see that stranger again I act like a jerk... I regret it instantly... then I find out that the boyfriend knows the boy and Kit... and get another deserved punch to the face...

My conclusion: I am a total douche bag and the universe is punishing me.

I never thought I could sink so low... I can't believe I was stupid enough to listen to Beam.

"You're bored... aren't you, my friend. Why not find some entertainment. Girls are soft, pretty, and can distract you for a night."

Sure the girls were a good distraction and accompanied me through the tough nights. It's just that it never lasted. I would wake up the next morning feeling the same boredom as the day before.

Everything just comes too easily for me. That nothing ever seemed challenging or the least bit interesting anymore. I got the best grades. The top of the class. My looks were way above average. I am wealthy. I can have anything I want...

I just don't want any of it. I found no challenge in life. I was just going through the motions. Everything just felt so superficial, the only thing I truly cared enough about were my two best friends: Kit and Beam.

I chose them. Well more like they forced their way into my life, but they were cool. I enjoyed my time with them. I just felt like something was missing.

I wish I had taken Kit's advice, instead of Beam's. I wouldn't have gotten into this mess if I had just focused on school and friends.

All these unfortunate events began the other day. I was supposed to meet with Kit to help him set up his room and work on his project. I made the mistake of telling my mother where I was heading.

"Honey, while you are down make a stop by the Champan's house. I have a few documents I need for Lias to sign." My mother has a group of girlfriends who are all house wives that only care about gossip and clothing. They had 'meetings' about who knows what? The document is probably not really that important, probably a donation to the hospital of some sort.

My father is a neurosurgeon in the hospital our family owns. He is almost always working, so I rarely even see him. He practically lives in the hospital. My mother just does whatever she wants, and right now she is asking me to be her errand boy.

"Mae can't you just have her sign it when you see her next time."

"No it's on deadline. Just do it, it won't take too much time."

"Alright." I take the folder that's in her hand and head out the door. I really wouldn't have minded so much if it wasn't for the Champan's daughter... Moowan.

She was very beautiful, don't get me wrong. Exactly my type of girl; slim body, long legs, cute face, and skimpy clothes. I would have jumped at the chance if it was any other girl. She however, no.

Our mothers have been friends for years. I always knew she had a thing for me. I just never felt the same way. I didn't want a relationship. I wanted a good time and she wanted more. I always managed to slither out of her grasp but I would soon find out that I would find no escape.

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