Ch. 3 - Where The Bodies Are Buried

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ZOE: Guys! I finally went through my family's photographs

...look what I found!









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JACE: Uh...what are we looking at?

ZOE: It's the Founder's Graveyard

TREVOR: Wait! Why have I never seen this before?!

...I mean, me and my buddies go drinking in the graveyard all the time after games

ZOE: That's because the headstones got washed away in the flood of 1938

TREVOR: Oh, that makes sense

BIANCA: So what's so special about the graveyard?

ZOE: According to my grand-mère...

TREVOR: Your what?

ZOE: My grandmother...

...dude, we're French

...just roll with it


...According to my grand-mère, she remembers there always being only five headstones in the Founders' Graveyard. ceremonial stone in front, and the five headstones in the back

PAIGE: And that's what we see here

BIANCA: Wait. I only see four headstones

TREVOR: No, there's a tiny one, right there, in the back's probably my family's forefathers were so effing cheap

PAIGE: Well, I went back to the Historical Society like I said I was going to 

...and I found some interesting stuff too

TREVOR: Someone's getting a little obsessed :-)

PAIGE: Not obsessed, Trevor

...just thorough :-)

BIANCA: Cool, what did you find?

PAIGE: So, here's a map of Main Street, dating back to 1896




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