Chapter 15

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The voice almost screamed in his ear and almost made his right ear bleed because that was where he placed his phone at,and he had identified clearly and confidently that the caller was Hugh.

  Definitely,he was the only one who would actually address him in that same very name he loathed so much.

  He groaned as he asked with his voice that somehow became lazier,"Agh..Hugh,damn it..Don't shout in my ear,I thought that I might've gone deaf.Now what do you want..?"

  "You're seriously asking such a dumb and stupid question?! Where are you right now?!And where the hell is Lawless too?!"

  "Ugh..So many questions..Why do you even need to know..?" He growled in exasperation,and his anger boiling and rising with each question and word Hugh had thrown at him.

  "Are you seriously asking me that?!The..R-Replacement Selection for you to choose your new Eves is today!We have 45 more minutes to prepare! Come back to the mansion!"

"And get Lawless here while you're at it!"

Kuro sighed as he realised that the Replacement Selection, which was something akin to the Annual Selection, was today.

The Replacement Selection was,yes,akin to the Annual Selection,but it was just a Selection that Kuro had gone through many times with the disappearance of many of his mates.

  And yeah,his siblings have gone through it many times too.

  In this world,after a couple of years (Probably 4-5 or so) ,the Servamps are able to change their mates into new ones,because it would become boring for them to have immortal mates.

  And only the family of the Servamps were able to do this,as they had the ability and the nobility to do so.

  The Servamp will have turned the Eve to an immortal being,and after a couple of years,the Servamp can choose whether to keep the Eve,or find a new one.

  If the Servamp keeps the Eve,he,or she (to be considerate of Freyja) will still have the ability to discard that Eve and find another one at any time.

  And the discarded Eve will become an alpha, contributing to the number of alphas available,one at a time.

  The number of discarded Eves from the Servamps in the Alpha population is about 2% to 4% so it's very little and the other 'turned' or 'naturally born alphas' makes the majority.

  How does a baby become a 'naturally born' alpha, you might ask?

  Well,an alpha and an omega will in fact mate together after the alpha marked the omega,and the omega mate will give birth to the baby, regardless if the Omega is a female or a male.

  Most of the time,the baby becomes a naturally born alpha, meaning a 'turned-vampire'.

  Don't ask me about what happens to the other percentage of the babies that are born from the omega and alpha mates.

  Let's just say that they are...forced to turn.

  And Kuro and his siblings are naturally born-alphas, but it was just that their mother and father were both alphas,and had noble blood.

  Since the Servamps' parents were both alphas and both were of noble blood,that fact only strengthened their nobility and their strength,making them the highest-tier of alphas.

  Welp,their Creator,what they like to call their father, was already dead,courtesy of Kuro killing him of course.

  Three of the Servamps,which were Old Child (Hugh), All of Love (Lily) and Doubt Doubt (Jeje) agreed to it,while Wrath (Freyja),World End (Wor-Kun) and Lawless (Hyde) said no.

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