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Wonpil huffed as he walked into his room and stood next to his bed. He shrugged his backpack off of his shoulders, it swinging to one side and lazily dropping by his feet, a loud thump resonating throughout the room. He had homework he could start on, but he wasn't feeling up to it. Besides, he had two weeks off of school and it wasn't due until he got back, so it could wait.

He sat on his bed and then flopped onto his back, adjusting so that his head was on his pillow and he was lying comfortably. He sighed and thought about whether or not he should call Brian, because on that day in particular, he wasn't getting the attention he wanted from his best friend, being the clingy person he is. It was the day winter break started and he didn't know how often he'd see Brian, so he wanted to spend some more time with him. But apparently the rest of the school had the same idea and everyone else crowded around him. Which completely sucked, because besides Brian being Wonpil's best friend, he was also the person the younger boy had a massive crush on.

He let out a small groan and picked up his phone from the pillow next to him, shoving his thumb down onto the home button to unlock it and quickly scrolling through his contacts until he found 'who is younghyun'. He hit the little green phone symbol next to the name and put it on speaker, tossing his phone back to his side and folding his hands on his stomach.

"Hey Pillow," Brian picked up, an evident smile on his face.

"Hi Brian."

"What's up?"

"Nothing really. You?"

Brian sighed. "Are we really gonna have that conversation?"

"Sorry," Wonpil wanted to pout, but he giggled anyways.

"Alright, good. So seriously, what's up? Did you just want to talk?"

"Yeah, I guess. I didn't get to see you much today. Actually, that sounds kinda dumb, I don't know. Also, we still need to make plans for over winter break."

"So you just want my attention?" Brian let out a hearty laugh, only deciding to respond to a small part of what Wonpil said.

"Well, not when you put it like that," Wonpil huffed.

"It's okay. You were just jealous, I can't help that I'm popular," Brian said in a fake sassy voice. Wonpil could hear him pretend to flip his hair, which made him giggle again.

"Stop it, I'm trying to be mad at you."

"You can't stay mad at me long."

"That's true."

"I love you," Brian chuckled. "How about I come by in about an hour? I'll make it up to you. I'll stop at the store and bring stuff for dinner, and then we can cook together."

"Like we did pretty much every weekend over the summer?"

"Hell yeah, we'll relive those times. Is your speaker charged?"

Wonpil smiled a big, bright smile, looking over to his speaker which was sitting in all its glory up on his dresser, fully charged. "Let's blast Skool Luv Affair until we're about to make all of the windows in this house burst."

"Fuck yeah. See you around five," a beep came through then, and the call had ended.

Wonpil was still smiling. He loved Brian, he really did. Even if he was never able to call him his boyfriend, he was still the greatest best friend and he really couldn't ask for anyone better.

Things seemed to be different this year. After they had time to grow even closer over the summer, they were inseparable. But Wonpil also noticed more how social Brian really was once August hit and senior year had started. He watched as Brian greeted half of the people they passed in the hallways, giving everyone hugs, making sure everyone had attention. Which wasn't a bad thing, Wonpil just tended to get jealous easily and as selfish as it sounds, he did miss having Brian's attention as much.

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