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dedicated to @lucastown. happy birthday, sar bear! hope fifteen treats you well!

eleven had been treated as an experiment rather than a human for twelve years of her miserable life.

she stayed locked away in the depths of hawkins lab, being tortured and manipulated by dr. brenner and other staff members.

she wanted more than anything to escape from the hell she was forced to live in.
but she never could, considering she was watched at all times by random, evil doctors.

so on the chilly afternoon of november sixth, 1983, when no one was watching, she ran.

she ran faster than she even knew she was capable of, the adrenaline pumping through her veins and body were making her feel unstoppable.

finally, after what seemed like years of running through the woods, she spotted a small building with a large man taking out the trash next to it.

she took a deep breath once she saw him go back in the building and close the door behind him.

she jogged up to the door, purposely making her footsteps lighter as she entered the kitchen.
she was beyond scared.

she spotted a plate of greasy french fries, causing her to smile. she tip-toed closer to it, and began stuffing them down her throat.

she closed her eyes in satisfaction, shoving more into her watering mouth.

"hey! what do you think you're doing?!" a booming voice snapped her out of her trance, causing her to whip her head up.

she lightly gasped and tucked the plate into her arms, pushing the door as she attempted to flee.

the man forcefully grabbed her arms and pushed her up against the wall. he muttered various curse words under his breath as he came to the realization that the supposed 'boy' was actually a girl.

and then he took her in under his wing, he fed her and for the couple hours they spent together, he cared for her more than anything.

but sadly, all good things have to come to an end.
benny was shot, and she had to leave, again.


there she was, stuck in the middle of the woods just like she had been earlier that day.

the only difference now was instead of the sky being a light blue, it had transitioned into a ominous black, small stars providing little to no light.

also, pouring rain was now drenching her yellow t-shirt that benny had gifted her with hours before.

as she inched north into the forest, she heard voices of teenage boys beginning to grow louder.

two of them arguing, as another repeatedly told them to shut up.

she had made her way towards them, yet they hadn't seen her yet.

they all gasped at the sound of a twig el broke when she walked closer to them.

their flashlights illuminated her soaking body, the group of boys all sharing confused glances.

the one in the middle caught el's eye the most, the way the freckles scattered across his face reminded her of the stars above.

that week, that exact boy, mike, who had caught her attention had taken care of her more than benny could ever.

he made her so undeniably happy, and it was crystal clear to dustin and lucas.

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