The Sins of the Parents

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I Desire - DEVO (Aerial shots of San Francisco)

ACT 1: The Underworld - Unmarked Lair

A hooded figure sat in a large throne-like seat. The seat was inscribed with ancient hieroglyphs and scarabs. The small cave was decorated with ancient Egyptian statues and treasures. In the middle of the back wall, on a pedestal, sat a familiar blue urn.

"Come on lady, this has to be enough greed to get you off that ugly jar." The hooded figure says aloud. Gold particles leave the face of the urn and materialize into a woman dressed in beautiful Egyptian garments. "Its about time."

"I am the Guardian of the Urn. You have stolen.." She looks around the cave, her mouth opening in the slightest bit of shock. "Many of which that's not yours. You shall be punished for your greed." A ring on the Guardian's index finger transforms into a spider and is transported to the hooded figure's neck.

A grunt comes from the figure, they move their head and some brown locks of hair fall from the hood, revealing that the figure is a woman. "Ow." She grabs the spider from her neck and holds it up. "Spiders. Pesky, but dangerous creatures." She crushes it in her hand.

The Guardian looks up wide-eyed, stunned that her tricks weren't for kicks. "That's not possible."

The Guardian grins and nods her head.

"I'll let you have free reign on the city of San Francisco, I only ask that you aid me in my plan of repossessing something that was taken from me." The woman says.

"What do I have to do?" The Guardian asks, in an intense but low tone.

San Francisco - Dave's Minimart - Night

"Put the money in the bag, now!" A robber dressed in all black says. He holds the store clerk at gun point. A ski mask covered his face and it couldn't be seen. But by the tone of his voice, you could tell it was a man.

"Okay, okay! Just don't shoot!" Dave, the owner of the minimart, pleads. If it weren't unfortunate event, by now he would've already locked up and gotten to his car.

"Then hurry!" The robber says.

Dave finishes bagging the money and tosses it to the bank robber and ducks down behind the counter.

The bank robber turns on a quick heel and darts out of the store's glass doors, though he ran so quickly that his wallet was slung from his coat pocket. It fell and opened when hitting the floor. Inside, only the name of the man could be seen..John Kresington.

San Francisco - Unnamed Street - Night

Outside, John had made it almost a block from the store he'd just robbed but he stops when golden particles appear in front of him.

The particles take the form of the Guardian and John is stunned. "What are you?"

"I am the Guardian of the Urn, but as of the moment, you can call me the Punisher of the Greedy." The Guardian says. Having changed her name temporarily to suit her new assignment.

"What?" John asks.

A pin on the Punisher's gold shawl transforms into a scorpion. She grabs it and places it on John's upper chest, pushing him just enough to get him off his feet..

"Aah!" He screams and stumbles backwards into some trash cans. He falls against them in a slightly obtuse-sitting position. He screams in fear as he feels the scorpion crawl up his chest. He freezes when the scorpion stings him with its tail. At an instant, he dies and the Punisher smiles with delight.

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