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November 16, 2015-St

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November 16, 2015-St. Jude's Hospital, Memphis,Tennessee

TWENTY-Four year old Monse looked at her son Ayden as he squirmed and cried out in pain in the hospital bed. Her three year old son had a tumor over his heart. They said surgery would kill him, so he had to suffer. Monse was twenty one when She had him, Khalil was twenty two. When they found out he was diagnosed with cancer they did everything I kid would want to do. They went wherever his heart desired. Three long agonizing years went on as he cancer grew. As the years went on the more aggressive it got. It got so aggressive that he became immobile. The pain and whines from Ayden is what brought Monse to the hospital.

Monse pulled out her phone and dialed Khalil's number again. It pissed her off that Khalil was God knows where, while his son was suffering and asking for him. When she got his voicemail box, Monse exhaled and put her phone away.

"Where taddy?" Ayden asked again. Monse took a seat next to him and grabbed his hand. She kissed it while a tear ran down her face.

"Daddy phone isn't working right now. So, I can't get in touch with him. But I'm sure he'll come soon." Monse said trying to convince herself more than Ayden.

Ayden just stared at his mother while tears left his eyes. To Ayden Khalil was his superhero. Khalil treated him more like a rough boy than a fragile child. Ayden loved when his father would take him to work, and when they'll have one of their hang out days. But as the years passed Khalil didn't take him to work as much and they didn't have their hang out days every Saturday. Monse and Khalil argued more over Ayden's condition, than a normal couple would. Khalil stayed late at his company than with Ayden. Monse thought it was wrong that he continued working while she took a break. Monse felt like Ayden needed both his parents with him while he was in pain.

Monse shook her head because of disappointment. That soon was washed over with worry as the doctor entered the room. Monse walked towards him reading the expression on his face. When she was close enough she inhaled sharply.

"So?"Monse asked with worry in her voice.

"I hate to be the carrier of bad news. We did an evaluation and our estimate is that he only has a few hours. We suggest that you confirm funeral plans and alert immediate family. We are truly truly sorry." The doctor said.

Monse nodded as the tears flowed down her eyes. The doctor  pulled Monse into a hug. The hug was a hug telling her better days are ahead. But what better days could be ahead when your child is dead.

They pulled apart and Monse went back into the room. When she walked in she reclaimed her seat and took out her phone. She called Jordan and her parents. She called Khalil's parents as well as Khalil.

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