Chapter 3 Flashback to Before the X-Factor

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Chapter 3

"Claud..," Abby said, looking up from the chicken she was devouring. "You never actually told me what happened between you and Zayn..."

I sighed. "You really want to know?"

"Well duh, of course I do."

"Zayn and I...we were so close growing up. When he left for the XFactor it really killed me, but I knew it was the best thing for him. He had hardly been gone for a week when my dad just up and left us. I don't think any of us saw it coming. 

"I called Zayn, sobbing, but he told me that if he left then, he would have to drop out of the competition. I still begged him to come home but he said that he thought I was being selfish and hung up. But I knew he would come back once the show was over. My mom, she was slipping into an awful, depressed state, and I told Zayn that. I had such confidence that he would be home as soon as possible, if not for me, then for the rest of the family.”

I thought for a second about my sisters. Ivy Rose was 25 and not much help. Sometimes I could almost consider her a friend, but most of the time she was as stubborn as a mule. Daisy, at 5 years old, was already so much like my mum as she was in her better days that it was a little scary at times. Total type A personality, she tried to make it clear that she was in charge of Malli, our 2 year old half-sister.

“Mum stopped going to work around then. Ivy Rose and I both had to get jobs, but Ivy Rose, she can’t hold a job for anything. She would get hired and fired within the same month. I had a job at the local drugstore. We were just barely making payments. Mind you, this was 2 years ago, so I was only 16.

“At the end of the XFactor, when the boys had come in 3rd, I waited for two weeks for Zayn to show up or call or text or anything. Finally, I got fed up and started house shopping here in New York. It’s terrifying to look for a place to live over the internet, not knowing for absolute sure what it would be like once you arrived. I found a one bedroom apartment that we could afford and here we are.”

“Wow,” Abby said, eyebrows raised. “I can’t believe you never told me that before.”

“I don’t really like to talk about it,” I shrug. 


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