Planning our own funerals

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While I had become frozen to the spot, James had been thinking.
"Hey, Ivy, why don't we just die?" He questions.
"Because that would ruin the whole point of trying to stay alive!" I say, shocked.
"No, no, that's not what I meant at all," James starts, "I was thinking, if we can hijack the system, we could display our pictures on the deceased slideshow!"
"But neither of us are clever enough to do that!" I say.
"You helped out with the more technical side of the war, right, the videos etc?"
"Well I'm guessing with a bit of practise, you'll be able to project an image directly onto another so that they for together perfectly..." James stops speaking, waiting for me to say something.
"Ohhhh, um, probably, I'll give it a go, but we will have to do it in the forest."
"Sure, shall we go?"
"Yeah, let me just go get some things."
A few minutes later I've thrown together a small bag made out of some old clothes I found in the hidden house and I am ready to go.
"Okay?" James asks.

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