smells sweet

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*10:00 pm*
Demi was sitting on her couch front of tv and searching on her phone
she was seeing photos of her ex-bestfriend with her boyfriend having fun and him posting about how much he loves her
then she saw a pic of him...his ex crush who she told him all her feelings but he did nothing but ignoring her,he looked happy as always and then checked the caption of posts saying "photo by : Sam Shandy"
the name has reminded her of so many things...her feelings,her dead feelings!then she thought to herself "he looked straight at her eyes taking this pic even tho i know he never had feelings for her but...whatever"
-I wasn't lucky enough to be there,with him...having him....I wasn't good enough,I'm not....-Demi said as she swallowed herself up
then locked her phone and said "fuck it all,I don't care anymore why should I check em "
-please tell me it's not a message from my mom asking why I'm not sleeping yet -Demi says as she opens the message:
from : Phill
Hi Demi ! your job starts from tomorrow
on 10 pm Nick has a BBC Radio1 interview untill 12 and then we will go to studio to record new songs,at night around 8 there's a meeting at his work house ( which really needs you to be there ), also bring paper and pen as you know,I already told you about that...also the car will be there for you around 8:30 am. Phill
demi answers : got it all,thank you👍🏻
-ugh this is too much already , guess I have to sleep then
*next day*
Demi wokeup at 8 got ready , ate breakfast and got into the car
-Hi -Demi said
-Hey,I'm Bill,Bill Jackson
-Nice to meet you Bill,I'm Demi
-I know -bill said as he smiled , he seemed like a very nice and sweet person
Demi wasn't smiling and she looked angry af cause she isn't a morning person
when they arrived Demi got off the car ans got into the BBC RADIO1 apartment, she was so shook then she saw Nick
Nick didn't answer and turned around
-why don't ....
-Have so many things to do today,hope you're not that clumsy -Nick said but he didn't turn around to face Demi
-okay -Demi said while she was bout to cry but controlled herself
while Nick was interviewing Demi talked with Phill and learned how to manage events and interviews like this
when the interview finished Phill gave Demi Nick's coat and his phone to give to him
Nick got them from her without saying thanks
-What time is it
-11:30 , we have to be at studio at 12
-I know - Nick said as he rolled his eyes then accidentally looked at Demi then rolled his eyes again which meant he literally wants Demi to be gone so she left.
at the studio when Nick was recording Demi stared at him all the time thinking to herself" wow ! he sounds really good"
When the studio work was finished Demi was holding Nick's coat to give it to him , when she gave it to him Nick didn't say anything again,Just wearing the coat and they headed to Nick's work house
on the meeting they talked about Nick's new album and how promoting is so important in his new era and ofc Demi's job!
when they left Nick was too tired to go to his house so he stayed there , when he held his coat to take it into room he felt something,the coat smelled sweet,it smelled different!
then he remembered Demi holding it ,
said : she smells good
then bited his lips and turned the light off

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