December 16, 9:00 am

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3rd Person POV

Adrien and his sister decided to take their time so they could catch up on all the other has missed. Adrien spoke about all the friends he made since their father let him attend school, the modeling and fashion business, and all the fun zoo visits, movies, lunches, even when he kept sneaking out of the house to do stuff.

"No way, you did not use the app to play the piano sound then sneak out the window. The Adrien Agrest I know is to good for that."

Adrien shrugged. "What can I say sis, a lot has changed since I last saw you."

Adrienne giggled. She missed her twin brother. They use to be really close. Then after their mom disappeared, she drifted from him and their father. It's been almost 2 years since she disappeared and both twins felt alone because of it. Now that they are together again, they won't feel so alone anymore.

Adrien POV

After talking a little bit more, we finally reached the park. I saw that Nino and Alya talking by the fountain and I scanned for Marinette. When I found her I saw Luka talking to her. I frowned.

I knew he had a crush on her since they met but at first I didn't care. Now I do. I decided to get closer.

"Hey sis, Nino and Alya are over there, I need to go talk to someone real quick. Could you head over there for me?"

"Yea no problem." When she left I immediately walked over to Mari and Luka. As I got closer I could hear them.

"-someone already, I'm sorry Luka."

"Oh, who is the lucky guy?"


I could tell she didn't want to say Chat Noir in case people start asking questions. I thought up a play that could get her out of her and me able to kiss her in public and have an excuse to do it.

I was a few feet behind the when I put on a smile. I put my left arm around Mari's waist and said, "I am."

I could practically hear the gasps coming from Nino and the others behind me but I ignored them.

Luka raised an eyebrow. "You're Mari's boyfriend? Then why hasn't the entire school gone crazy with gossip about the two of you?"

"Because we just started going out not to long ago and she didn't want everyone to know till we both knew we wanted to be together. And after last night, I know that I want to be with her. But it's up to her if she wants to tell anyone else."

I looked to Mari who was looking at me like I was crazy. I winked and looked back at Luka. I could tell he didn't believe me so I decided to step to it.

I placed my right hand on her chin and kissed her right there in the middle of the park. It only lasted a few seconds before I pulled away.

I looked at what was now a surprised Luka. "Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to go talk to a few of our friends. Later Luka."

With my arm still around her waist, I walk the both of us back to our group. When we got there, everyone's mouth was wide open, even Mari's. I just laughed.

"Relax, I just did all that cause he was flirting with you and I'm pretty sure Chat wouldn't like that." I said letting go of Mari and sitting down on a bench.

"Yea but won't he be super pissed if he finds out you kissed his girlfriend?" Nino said sitting next to me.

"Well he actually asked me to keep an eye on her cause he figured someone would want to ask her out eventually. Although," I acted like I was thinking, "I didn't plan on kissing her. I'm sorry, it was a reflex."

Mari was blushing. I held back a smile. God she's so adorable... "it's fine, but I have to tell Chat." She mumbled.

"No I get it, and could you tell him sorry for me please? I swear all I was gonna do was keep guys from you, I honestly have no idea why I pretended to be your boyfriend." I pretended to  be stressed out a little.

"No no it's fine! In fact, somehow people found out I had a boyfriend but they didn't believe me. At least now they think I'm with someone they not only know and believe, but they'll think they can't stand a chance with you." Mari shrugged as she sat on the other side of me.

I smiled at her. "Yea you're right. And hey, if someone ever sees you with Chat, you could just say it's me." I laughed like it was no big deal. Mari and the others chuckled as well. "Now, y'all ready to have some fun and get to know the two new people of our group?" I pointed to Adrienne and Marin.

For the next hour and a half, we hang, talk, laugh, and ran around the entire park. They got to know the new kids and they them but what I did today's lead me into thought city.

Not only do I get to be around Mari all the time now but I got to kiss her out in public like I should be doing. I couldn't help but wonder if I should just tell her who I am; that I'm Chat Noir.

I mean, she had a crush on "Adrien" but is now with "Chat" so she would be with both of us at the same time. I sighed. She wouldn't want me to reveal myself to her. Now that I'm really thinking about it, she could be in danger if she knew who I was cause Hawk Moth would do something to make her to him, and knowing Mari, she would rather take the heat to protect her friends.

I sighed once more and watched all my friends talking to the love of my life. One day Mari, we'll be together for real.

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