House tour!

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I drag my luggage towards their door while Johnny leans on the edge of the door grinning

Y/n: are you gonna help or what?
Johnny: nah I'll just watch from a distance. Jokes
He slowly walks up to you and takes two of the luggage's y/n: thanks
Eventually you arrive to the living room it's beautiful
Y/n: woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
This is amazing and big
Johnny: cool lemme go find out what room your staying in
Y/n: okay
5 minutes later
Johnny:well your sharing a room with me
Y/n: What?!!
Johnny: I have two beds
Y/n: oh phew now where's this amazing house tour
Johnny: okay follow me
You eventually see the whole house and you didn't realise how lucky u were until now

So now you unpack and get your stuff ready and meredith has bought you a dressing table which looks like the picture above

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