Chapter Thirty Six - Running for Nothing

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When she was young, she was never good with her hands. Hours would pass, and her skilling would never improve or weaken. It always stayed the same. 

She used to envy her sister. Ellyda had this way with a paint brush. She used to teach Ava how to use the brush correctly. It always made her laugh because she thought she should be the one teaching her younger sister all these extraordinary skills. But, that's who Ellyda was. She was a teacher, a guider from the time she was born.

"Left stroke, then swirl. No. No! Ava, like this!" her sister had said one evening. She had been helping Ava for over five hours just trying to get her to paint something recognizable. Ellyda was only eight at the time, and Ava was just starting her secondary academy lessons. 

Ava knew what to do, but the connection never made it through to her hands. Her hands don't work with slow movement. Her body desired quickness, and toughness. 

But, right now, she could use her hands being gentle for once. 

Her hands shake as her mind goes blank at the various colored wires in front of her. After Jav left she searched the whole room for a way out. The doors had locked her in, and she intended to break out. 

After searching the walls for a good ten minutes, her finger pressed in on a part in the wall that revealed what she saw now. Dozens of colored wires that move through the walls. Which one could connect to the doors? 

She didn't have the slightest idea where to begin. Looking into her mind, she tried to remember her secondary academy lessons. Only briefly had she begun learning advanced mechanics. Crinkling her eyebrows, she bit her bottom lip.

Remember. I have to remember something. 

Nothing came. 

Sitting, lost with ideas, she realized she had to risk it. She had to get out of here. 

Grabbing ahold of various shades of yellow, red, and purple cords she rested a second, breathing in deeply. She gripped the cords tightly, then began to pull. She can feel the electricity running through a few, the energy around her causing her to tremble. Clenching her teeth she groaned as she continued to pull. 

Some wires were thinner than others and began splitting. Air pipes pop in the room, and she ducked down as air exhausts through a break in the wall to the side of her head. She pulled harder, using all her strength to break the thicker cords. 

Coughing from the air that clouded her view, she felt the electricity intensify as more cords tore and the lights half flicker off. She pulled hard one last time, and this does the trick, but not without electrocuting her. The energy shook her body once, and she fell on her back with little to no air coming from her lungs. Darkness pushed it's way into her sight, the light dimming. Her heart felt weak, her body numb. She no longer felt anything. Was I dead?

But then, as if her body restarted, she gasped for air as a surge ran through her. Inhaling as if it was her first breath, she desired oxygen. Staying in this room would no longer help her. 

Crawling towards the doors she realized they have opened. She must have pulled one of the right cords. No alarms have sounded but the air from the room fed into the hallway and it won't be long before someone noticed it, and then noticed she was missing. 

Pulling herself up, she used the wall to support herself as she half crawled away. Her body felt on fire. It almost felt as if her veins were pumping electricity through them. 

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