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i roam around the galaxy,
searching for you,
yet i never knew,
you were around the corner, exposed for everyone to see, yet still invisible.

i spend hours searching for you through the vast emptiness that is the universe,
i knew that among these tiny specks, i'll be able to find you,
i spin around the earth looking for you,
i had phases when i wasn't whole, when i was, and when i am completely empty.

i ask a few friends of mine, "where is the moon?"
yet they never seem to know,
they're spread throughout the galaxy,
yet none of them know.

i only appear at night,
but i never seem to go away,
if i go away,
would i still look for you?

we would never shine alone,
someone doesn't shine without the help,
if you ever lose yourself,
come to me, i'll lead you back.

new moon:
when the month starts and the lunar cycle begins.
when your personality isn't revealed much.

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