Just Friends (JF #1)

Just Friends 2 ( name withheld - too spoliery ) (JF#2) debuts 24th December, 2014. Check it out, if you liked this.

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"I'm not saying he's untalented, I'm just saying he's no Tobey Maguire."

I scoffed. "Dude, he's perfect to be Spiderman. He's charming, he's good looking and he's-"


"What?" I retorted, sitting Indian style opposite Ethan whose darkly colored eyes always lit up with the all too familiar competitive glow whenever we were debating something that usually involved movies.

This Time it was The Amazing Spiderman.

"Yes, he's British. I don't remember Spiderman being from Liverpool or drinking Tea and eating crumpets," He noted, ignorantly I might add, in the worst attempt at a British accent I've ever heard.

"I'm going to ignore that," I said. "He's an actor, Ethan. He can act as if he's American."

He had that confused glint in his eyes again. "So, he can just not sound British anymore?"

I ran my hand through my hair, sighing. "Yes, Ethan, he can stop sounding British."

Ethan folded his arms, the child in him coming out in his facial features. "I'm still not down with it," he said. "It's called Spiderman not Spider-The Englishman."

"Then don't see it."

"Are you kidding, it's freaking Spiderman!"

I moaned in aggravation. "You're so dense sometimes."

He got this innocent look in his eyes. "And that's why you love me."

"No, that's why I stand you," I murmured playfully.

He blinked twice before rolling his eyes. "Whatever, Spencer," he mumbled before turning back to the television screen.

The screen went black - like it always did whenever there was a new movie coming on.

After the opening, the narrator kicked in and almost immediately Ethan groaned. "Not (500) days of Summer again!" he shrieked, flailing his arms in the air like someone stuck at sea without food and a boat with a Denny's attached was passing nearby. "How many times do they have to bring on this pansy chick flick?" He huffed, continuing to be overly dramatic. His specialty.

"I remember you crying during this pansy chick flick."

"One Time!" he shot back. "Just one time. I mean the chick was a bitch. She led him on the entire time then got married?" He scoffed. "I felt the guy's hurt. I'm surprised he didn't clock her in the jaw."

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