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The next morning I woke up and hopped into the bathroom shower built in to Jasper's room. After I  exited the shower I got dressed in a hurry.

After coming out of the shower I didn't see Jasper in his room so I went downstairs where the family was getting ready to go the clearing to train for the battle

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After coming out of the shower I didn't see Jasper in his room so I went downstairs where the family was getting ready to go the clearing to train for the battle.

"Good morning Clove, would you like something to eat?" Esme asked as I sat on stool by the kitchen.

"Oh I'll be fine Esme." I answered with a small smile, not wanting to make her have to cook for me.

"Nonsense I love cooking, pancakes sound good?" Esme wondered with a large smile on her face that radiated warmth and happiness.

"Sounds amazing, thank you Esme." I responded before getting up to hug her, I wrapped my arms around her tightly putting my face into her shoulder. Esme reminded me of my mom before the cancer and it was nice being reminded of when she was good.

I sat there for awhile, wondering where Jasper was. After a few minutes I noticed Rose sat next to me.

"Wow Rose, you look badass." I stated looking at her training outfit.

"Thank you. I don't even wanna be doing this but if I am I'll do it in style." She responded, flipping her braid to her other shoulder.

"Do you know where Jasper is?" I questioned as Esme sat a plate infront of me, "Thank you so much Esme!"

"No problem sweetie, remember I love to cook." Esme exclaimed before she got up to get dressed for training.

"Yeah Jasper and Emmet went to the clearing early to train." She answered as I dug into the delicious pancakes.

Instead of just sitting there watching me Rose opened a magazine and quickly got bored with it.

"Can I do something?" She asked once I finished with my food and washed the plate.

"Uh yeah, sure." I replied before Rose sat me down and put my hair in a half up, half down style with my bangs out.

It didn't take long before she was done and let me look in a mirror.

"How are you so good at hair?" I wondered looking at the beautiful work on my head.

"Years of practice, literally." She cracked a smile before Carlisle broke the moment by entering the room.

"Time to go girl's." He called out before we started to walk behind him, out of the house.

We eventually arrived to a biome looking space where we saw Jasper throw Emmet into the air.

After doing this Jasper came up to me throwing his arms over my shoulders, hugging me tightly.

"Sorry for leaving darlin." He apologized in my ear, his accent enuciating around every word with his arms still not releasing me.

"No worry's Jazz." I brushed off before the wolf pack came down a hill of the clearing and revealed themselves.

Everyone stayed back other than Carlilse and Edward.

"Translate?" Carlisle asked Edward as he already nodded his head in agreement.

"They don't trust us enough to come in they're human form." Edward stated looking upset over the lack of trust.

"They came, that's what matters." Carlisle responded his gaze meeting the wolves before continuing, "Welcome, Jasper has expierence with newborns, teach us how to defeat them."

"They want to know how the newborn's differ from us." Edward translated as Jasper let go of me and went to Carlisle's side, his posture straight and hands locked behind his back.

"They're a great deal stronger than us because they're own human blood still lingers in they're tissue. Our kind is never more physically powerful than in our first few months of this life."

"Carlisle's right, that's why they are created." Jasper exclaimed his face forming around the word 'created'.

"A newborn army doesn't need thousands like a human army but no human army will stand against them." He continued his stance going to one of a soliders.

"Now the two most important things to remember are first, never let them get they're arms around you.. they'll crush you instantly and second, never go for the obvious kill, they'll be expecting that and you will lose." He stated as he packed the floor before calling Emmet to fight.

"Don't hold back." Jasper demanded standing straight up ready to kick Emmet's ass.

"Not in my nature." Emmet responded before running towards Jasper. Jasper allowed Emmet to push him before throwing him up in the air landing only to run back at Emmet and make him land on his ass.

"Never lose focus." Jasper stated looking down at Emmet's figure before it was Carlisle and Edwards turn.

It was a funny fight espically because Edward thought he won before being knocked on his ass by Carlisle.

"Never turn your back on your enemy." Jasper exclaimed walking behind the two men wrestling on the ground.

Next up was Jasper and Rose. Rose did a lot of elegant cool things like a some type of full horizontal spin but Jasper still one.

Last but not least was Jasper and Alice, Alice was really fast and that was a disadvantage for Jasper. Evetually Alice somehow dissapeared and jumped onto Jasper's back, scaring him slightly before he smiled.

So Alice won that one I guess.

After they're fight everyone kind of separated into they're own groups like Jake, Seth and Leah.

I was just walking around when I saw Jasper talking to Bella as she sat on a along with me only catching a hit of what he was saying.

"I thought what Maria and I had was love. But I was her puppet. She pulled the strings. I didn't know there was another way... until I met Clove, with her I feel human, like my past is just that, my past and she somehow looks past that." Jasper spoke looking down before I revealed myself by sliding my arms around his waist, my body pressed against his back.

"The past was an old you, you've changed. You never have to be that again." I exclaimed locking eyes with him as he turned to me a bit.

"Why thank you ma'am." He replied before I got on my tip toes to kiss him, his hand coming up to my neck holding me in the kiss. I broke for air and noticed Bella was gone (oops).

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