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Chara watched the two brothers finally peaceful and calm, after everything they've got through today. Chara and Asriel discovered that their new friends weren't even from Chara's village. They were from New-York, originally, and went for a vacation with their family in some spots surrounded by nature. Alexander promised Cameron to go horseriding with him, and while they rode, it started raining. They tried to hide in the cave but fell down in the dark. Cameron fell first, twisting his leg badly and hitting his head, and Alex landed on him, damaging his side. They stuck together until small monsters didn't attack them. Alex was thrown into a room filled with red leaves under a shattered floor while Cameron was dragged away. That's where they separated. Cameron was rescued by Chara and Asriel while Alex got lost.

Now that they were reunited, they appeared to be glued together. Chara was watching them while Asriel was waiting for his parents to stop arguing. Toriel was lecturing Asgore about humans, forgiveness, guilt, and everything else possible.

-Will they stop arguing?! I'm hungry!-

Asriel eventually whined aloud. Toriel immediately forgot about Asgore's existence, entered the "professional mom mode", like Chara liked to call it, and ran to bring everything edible needed. Asgore went up to the three humans sharing the chair.

-Alexander, right? I'm sorry for scaring you. Apparently, your actions have a reasoning. So let's start anew, as friends this time.-

He offered friendly. Yeah, Toriel totally put him on the place. Chara chuckled at this out loud. Alexander simply "okay"ed himself out of a conversation with a hand gesture of "ok".

-Nothing insulting, he isn't too talkative.-

Cameron excused him. Asgore nodded with his friendliest smile and left to finish off the argument with Toriel. Asriel ran to catch food while the humans were still comfortable on the chair.

-Are you hungry?-

Chara asked the boys. The look they had explained that they at least had major trust issues on this one. Chara didn't understand the gazes for a mere second, before having a laughter outburst.

-Don't worry, the food here is edible for humans. I checked.-

The boys believed, but it didn't seem they had much of an appetite, mostly Cameron. He appeared to lose the positivity he showed earlier in all of a sudden, stopped talking and would simply lock his orange eyes on one spot as if he expected something to happen there. Toriel asked Chara why would this happen, but she assumed that after today's stress, his tension suddenly let go of his nerves and he entered a trance. She recalled that when it happened to her, she would sometimes start crying without even feeling sad. Humans' nervous system is so weird, Chara thought.
It wasn't strange, the boys had gone through a lot today, from Cameron being seriously wounded and them losing each other for a short, but tense period of time, to Alex's battle against Chara. For the rest of the day, Cameron was very silent, walking around and looking closely at everything in the house. Toriel decided that it would be best to leave him alone and ask Alex some questions about them. Chara immediately joined to the Q&A session, and, of course, Asriel appeared too. Asgore was on the phone with Gaster, talking about something related to some experiment based on the analysis of Chara's soul. Nobody listened though, since nobody cared about science, so instead the Royal Family surrounded Alexander with a prepared ahead list of questions. Some answers were normal, but other ones, like "Aren't you upset that there's no way out?" or "Why do you have guns?" weren't even given. He'd simply shrug or say that he doesn't want to talk about it. A collective concern for the boys grew in the Royal Family. Something was definitely wrong, probably the same that caused Cameron to suddenly go so silent. But even Asriel, with his annoying habit to ask a hundred questions, each for a hundred time until he has all the answers, didn't get a single clear answer, except for a clear hint that the brothers didn't have the most normal, daily life. Chara could relate to having those bugging topics that you don't want to talk about, considering her own hard life on the surface.

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