Chapter 11

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Thorn woke slowly. She felt groggy, her helm thumped as she sat up. Something was different. Looking down she saw her leg was completely healed. She gasped as she saw she now had both arms and she could feel the new wings on her back. The only thing that felt off was her helm was fuzzy, as if her memory's had been gone throw, and like some were locked away.

 The only thing that felt off was her helm was fuzzy, as if her memory's had been gone throw, and like some were locked away

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Sitting up she looked at her surroundings. She was on a lab table in Shockwave's on ship lab, well his only lab now that the off ship one was gone. She found her self alone. There was no won in the room or even any sine that anyone had been there for several hours. Deciding just sitting there was pointless Thorn swung her legs over the side of the table. Carefully she stood putting all her weight on her legs. There was no pain. She grins and walks around the room, stopping at a work bench on the far side.

Looking down at her new arm that had a claw in place of a servo, Thorn stiffly raised the limb. It took her several attempts to open the claw and grab one of the tools without dropping them. She worked the arm to loosen the joints and all the new wiring inside. She tested the weapon functions. They where a very new and strange thing for Thorn. She never had any weapons installed on her form at any point of the war. She always used what she was given and her bare servos and peds.

After getting the hang of the new arm, Thorn left the lab. As she walked through the hallways she was stared at by the Eradicons and Vehicons. A lot of them waved happily at thorn, she gave them a small smile and nod. Some of the ones who she knew better then the others joked by fakes swooning at her smile. Causing her to chuckle as she moved on. The smile faded though as she did not see any insecticons and the numbers of the normal troopers were lower than she remembered. This bothered her so much she stopped to ask a pacing drone as he made his runs. He whispered a summery of everything that had happened during her time away. Now in a blind rage Thorn stormed down the hallways to find Starscream, the drones quickly geting out of her way.

'I am going to murder that mech! What the pit was he thinking letting Knockout do an experiment like that. I will tear out his spark for this!'

Thorn stumbled as a flash of white hot pain pulses through her helm. A memory had surfaced.   

~Flash Back~

"Thorn run!" a shadowy figure yelled as she was taken away by a group of decepticons. 

"No /////// I wont leave you!" Thorn ripped herself away from the mechs holding her and ran for her ////. The femme broke free and killer her captors. The two stood wings to wings. They fought together and offlined everyone in the squad. Riping out their sparks or behelming them.

"Well that was a work out. Come on we need to find ///////// and get back to the others."


Thron blackout from the memory. A group of four troopers quickly caught Thorn as she fell. They tried to wake her to no avail, so the hoisted her up, and took her to the med bey. Knockout was in the middle of buffing his finish and was trying to reach his back, but could not reach. He jumped, the buffer flying out of his servo into the air when the door opened, the buffer hit him on top of his helm, then clattered on the floor. His glare faded as he saw who was in the doorway.

"What happened?" KO asked the drones motioning for them to bring Thorn over to the med berth. They set her down and stepped back.

"She was storming down the halls and just fell."

"Thorn blacked out, but we all caught her."

"We don't know. She wont wake up."

"Maybe she over strained herself by moving to early?"Knockout regarded the last drone. He shooed the other three out but had the one who asked the question stay. 

"What is your designation trooper?"


". . . do you have a nick name?"


"Well E7 how would you like to be my new nurse?"


"I need someone to help out around here and you seem more intelligent than the others so what do you say."

"Thank you sir."

Knockout preformed a scan of Thorn and a basic check up. E7 helped him out by handing him what he needed. There was nothing wrong with Thorn physically, but he found there was a pulse of interference inside her helm. Her mind was not stable, witch left him wondering what could have happened to make cause this.


Predaking left the bridge after his meeting with Megatron. He walked through the hallways on his way to see Thorn. She has been unconscious for two days. Shockwave and Knockout had patched up the injury on her leg. Shockwave then preceded to attached the new arm he had made, the wings he had finished yesterday, as soon as they were ready he put them on her, having to wield and rewire everything to her systems. She was supposed to wait this day.

He had a little trouble finding the lab, but a pacing trooper pointed him in the right direction. Once he reach the door to Shockwave's lab, he paused. This was going to be the first time he had seen Thorn sense he brought her back. Pushing his nerves aside he entered the lab. Looked right, looked left, looked everywhere.

"Thorn?" he called thinking maybe she was in on of the side rooms.

No answer.

"Thorn this is not a game. If you are here come out right now."

No answer.

"Please . . ." Worry washed over the mech as he realized she was not there. Quickly Predaking left the lab, storming down the hallways. He picked up a pacing trooper, slamming him against the nearest wall. He leaned his helm in close.

"Were is Thorn." He spoke calmly, terrifying the pore mech in his grasp even more. Not being able to speak out a terror he pointed in the direction of the med bay. Predaking dropped the mech. Going to find Thorn.


Thorn opened her optic and was greeted by the face plates of KO and E7. They were hovering over her, a halo of light anove their helms cast a heavy shadow on them.

"Your awake."


Chapter end.

Sorry this is shorter that the others.

 Life is hectic and writers block is bucket helm.

Hope you enjoyed, I will get the next chapter out as soon as I can, but only when it is done.

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