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Pen Your Pride


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Cubia sat waiting at the black oak table. She sat cross legged in a pair of demin blue shorts and a low cut pink vest top; she sat staring out of one of many floor to ceiling windows on her left. They cover half the room showing the shimmering desert beyond. In front of Cubia on the table stood a small glass of bubbling black like liquid, a few remaining melting ice cubes bobbed inside the liquid. A door opened behind her, she didn’t turn around, and she heard three pairs of footsteps enter the room. She smiled to herself,

“Serah, Ghost please take a seat. Kelo you’re dismissed for the evening.” Ghost looked out the corner of his eye and saw relief on the man’s face as he left. Ghost and Serah sat down on Cubia’s right together. This is what she had expected,

“So you’re a thing then?” Ghost looked at the table and Serah smiled at Cubia.

“Yes we are” Serah said, lightly holding Ghost’s right hand. He gave a little squeeze, but didn’t look at her; he continued to look at the table. Cubia nodded her head, a few seconds later a door to Cubia’s left opened and three women stepped into the room carrying big silver trays in the air with one hand. Each woman stood behind a person and placed the tray in front of them. They then lifted the lids of the trays and revealed a feast underneath; the women stood back and held the lids behind their backs. Ghost and Serah stared at the food in front of them; upon the tray was roast potatoes, chopped carrots, breaded fish, mashed potatoes and caramelized sausages wrapped in crispy bacon. The smells filled the air, making Serah’s and Ghost’s mouths water. They all picked up their knives and forks and ate politely, part way in the middle of the feast Cubia looked at Ghost.

“So where you off to next then?” Ghost caught Serah’s eye,

“We’re going to the farm near the base of the mountain volcano.” Cubia nodded in understanding. When they finished eating and Serah and Ghost were wiping their faces with napkins. The three women who stood behind them silently came forward and placed the lids back onto the trays. They picked them up and walked towards the door they had come through earlier, three more women stepped out carrying more silver trays. They placed them in the middle of the table, within easy reach of all three people eating. Ghost watched the last of the women step forward and laid her tray on the table, she was young and she was looking straight at him. The woman saw Ghost’s muscular arms pushing against the material of his t-shirt, she looked away quickly. It was too late by then because Cubia had already seen her. Cubia smiled at Ghost,

“It seems that you have an admirer Ghost” Ghost looked at the table,

“It seems” Cubia looked at the woman,

“Lucia, report to my room later. You and I need a quiet word, the lot of you are dismissed for tonight, your services no longer required.” The three women bowed slightly and left the room. Serah looked at Lucia’s face; upon it was etched pure fear.

“We move on in two to three days time.” Serah said,

“Do you mind if I tag along?” Cubia asked as she picked up her glass of the bubbling black liquid and sipped it.

“Depends on if you’re not going to do anything stupid and that we can trust you.” Ghost said glaring at Cubia.

                                                *                              *                              *

     Proto-X watched the house, he was so focused that he didn’t hear the war drone creep up behind him, he didn’t feel it went it sliced his head from his body with its long razor sharp blade tail. But Proto-X didn’t die there; his body disassembled the war drone to pieces. His body picked up his head and placed it back, all the wires and metal linked back together as if never broken in the first place.

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