Investigating Nothing

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Nakamura watched the police crack the hole little by little, just enough for three men to enter the scene.

Its a very odd situation indeed; its his first time encountering this kind of case and it intrigued him very much. To the point that he can't sleep at night  because of thinking about the murders plus an accident.

The police chief  stood beside him, arms crossed and face grim.

"Don't dwell too much about this case Nakamura" he mumbled.

"Its none of your business" he mumbled calmly before approaching the hole.

The workers parted as soon as he walked towards them, their faces contorted in disgust. Disgust towards whatever are down the hole that smelled very horridly traumatizing. Though Nakamura really didn't care one bit.

He stepped on the trolley that will bring him down the hole. He turned on his flashlight as soon as the workers cranked him down.

The smell of blood is starting to rot but so far, he can stand it.  Nakamura stepped out of the pulley, he stared at the scene before him. Blood, rubbles and bodies. That's the three most important part of the scenery.

The pictures he had is not helping at all. It only shows him how bloody the actual real deal is.

Nakamura walked around, careful not to bump into the most important parts. He leaned on to every pale body on his way and flashed the light upon their dead body. Inspecting the flesh and the skin.

Still, the clean cut of a very thin steel wire is barely visible.

The weapon is not found and the fingertips were spread everywhere. Not any lead clue at all. But the thing is...

That child.

The only sole survivor of this horrid killing and kidnapping. Even if he did kill them, he is still just a child.

A dangerous one.

Accidentally, he tripped into one of the large rubbles in the place. His flashlight flew out from his hands as he fell, face first on the ground. Eventually, the light died off because of the impact. Leaving the investigator alone in the darkness.

That is where he saw it.

Nakamura immediately stood up, not even caring about how his clothes were smudged with blood and dirt. He marched up towards a hole...a very, very, small and unnoticeable crack on the ground.

What's odd is that there was a soft green glow coming from the hole. There was a room below...

But according to the Intel, the abandoned hospital doesn't have a second basement. So what is underneath this floors?

"Are you okay down there Mr. Nakamura?"

"Bring more ropes! And sledge hammers!" Nakamura exclaimed.


Katsuki woke up, feeling rather happy...which is very unusual of him. But the fact that his boyfriend is alive and kicking is making him feel giddy inside.

He did his daily habit faster than usual and even cooked for his parents who didn't even woke up yet. Not that he smiled all the way from waking up to walking out the door, but he just felt happy.

"Good Morning Ka-chan" That voice...

Katsuki turned his head around and his face lit up like daylight.

Izuku waved at him from their own porch, which is on the other side of the road. Katsuki almost smiled, almost...but he didn't. Because it was not in his character.

He approached the grinning green head and proceeded to pat him on the head, ruffling his already messy hair. "I'll carry your bag" he said before tugging on the hand bag that Izuku was carrying.

"I can carry it on my own Ka-chan" Izuku pouted but with one glare from Katsuki, he immediately fretted and back downed.


Katsuki took his bag and carried their both bags in one hand, as the other wrapped itself on Izuku's hand. The warmth was spread on his body like a wildfire. Blushing at the sudden interaction.

"Um. I heard that you are rarely going to practice when I was gone. So from now on, I'll watch over the gym to keep an eye on you" Izuku mumbled, forcefully swinging their arms together though Katsuki didn't seem to participate.

"I know that came from Kirishima but if your there to watch me...why not?" Katsuki shrugged.

Izuku's cheeks heated up. His heart beating fast. He knew that deep down, he changed but the way he loved Katsuki is still the same. He didn't feel anything negative when he is with his boyfriend and his heart seemed to feel lighter with him around.

"T-then...if you won the regionals. I'll give you a kiss" he whispered meekly.

Katsuki heard it loud and clear. With a small smirk on his mouth, he tilted his head to look at the walking green head besides him. Cheeks flushed in bright pink and he can't describe him anything but angelically cute.

"You said that Deku. Don't back down if we won the nationals" Katsuki teased.


The interview would be this afternoon, after high school dismissal.

Nakamura is tapping his pen on the table impatiently. He can't seem to wait for anything anymore.

The room underneath the abandoned hospital basement is very suspicious and odd. Nakamura is really curious about the place and yet; he need to wait for a week to safely enter the area.

He sighed in dismay.

"Don't be too impatient Nakamura" the chief of the police entered his appointed office while holding two mugs of coffee.

"Here, chill and drink this" he said before putting the mug on top of the varnished table. Nakamura took it with pleasure.

The chief sat on the waiting chair by the window of the office.

"You won't give up on Izuku Midoriya, are you?" He asked, before sipping on his own mug of coffee.

Nakamura did the same, "He is the only lead" he mumbled.

The chief sighed. "Well. Actually. That kid is called 'The Naïve President" of Hero Academy for some reason. Kind and sweet, to the point that he will sacrifice himself for justice" he explained. "Thankfully, his boyfriend is a pure steel hearted delinquent. With the two of them in a relationship, this will balance out the both of them"

The chief looked at the investigator who listened attentively.

"Well, unless Midoriya changed his personality. I kind of sort of understand why he can kill people. Nonetheless those who induced him in traumatic events"

Nakamura's eyes widened in realization...



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