The Car Chase

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3rd PoV

"Oh h*ll no. Why now!?" Tsuna turns around and face the road, scowling.

"Enemies on 6 o'clock?" Reborn said not taking his eyes off the road.

Tsuna nods firmly "Unfortunately..." she said and opens her briefcase. Reborn raises an eyebrow when she pulled out a gun.

"I thought you don't like killing" He voices out and she shoots him a look saying 'Are you stupid?', his eyebrow twitches in annoyance.

"Of course I don't like killing. Who said I'm gonna kill them?" she said.

She puts her feet on the seat and turns around.

"Oi, Oi, Oi. That's a Lamborghini Veneno seat you're sitting there. Don't ruin it" Reborn complains.

Tsuna 'tch'ed and loaded her gun. "Stop complaining, continue driving" she points the gun at the suspicious car.

Soon the suspicious car's right window opens and came out a hand with a gun.

"Hold still you b*stards" Tsuna mumbles as she points the gun lower.

Reborn glances at her.

"Where are you pointing that gun? Do you even know how to aim?" he said.

"For the fifth time Reborn, shut up and let me do my work" Tsuna groans.


A silent bang was heard and Tsuna grins in victory as she saw the car swerve from side by side. One of the tires has a hole in it.

"Victory~" she sings. As she saw the Car parking on the side of the street. The men getting out hastily and chases them although it was impossible.

"Not for long. On our 3 there's at least 5 motorcycles" Reborn said and she pouts.

"Ugh, they just won't give up huh" Tsuna sighs and flops on her seat.

"Thank God the streets are empty at night. What's the time?" Tsuna asks.

"8 o'clock" Reborn answered immediately.

"I'm hungry—Oh look there they are" Tsuna said looking g to her right and saw black clothed men with helmets.

"Those vehicles are cool. I want one" Tsuna whistled gazing at one of the motors. For someone who's being followed by armed men, she sure is calm.

"Ask them what kind of model is it" Reborn said also interested on knowing. (A/n: note the sarcasm there please)

"Hey dude!—" Tsuna shouts.

"Wait I wasn't serious!" Reborn sweat drops and sighs exasperatedly.

Tsuna ignores him and continues to stare at the nearest enemy.

The enemy turns to her. His fingers around the gun.

"What model is your motorcycle? I want one!" she shouts.

Even though he couldn't see it, Reborn could tell that the man was irked.

He saw him raising the gun, aiming it at his Tsuna's forehead, who remained oblivious.

In response, Reborn step on the pedal and the car stopped just as the man pull the trigger.

The bullet narrowly miss Tsuna's hair.

On the back of the car, there was another motor which collided with Reborn's car when he stopped.

Tsuna whistles as she stares at the remnants of the motor. The driver standing slowly.

"That's was one h*ll of a fall he got there" she said.

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