Bad Feeling

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3rd PoV

Today Tsuna feels strange. Very strange.

She has a bad feeling once she woke up and her guard heightened.

She walks in the hallways, watching from left to right with her chin down.

She pasts a room, the door opens and comes out Koro-sensei who's already in a suit but his hair was messy.

Tsuna blinks momentarily forgetting about her bad feeling.

"Ara? Good morning, Sensei" the man smiles sleepily.

"Good morning, Tsu-chan~~~" he said.

Observing his suit, Tsuna sighs and smiles amusedly, "Silly Sensei" she said.

Standing in front of him, she took the undone necktie and fixed it.

"It's weird to see your necktie messy. You've always been an organized octopus before" she smiles up to him to which he reciprocated albeit sheepishly.

"Nurufufu~ you'll be a wonderful mother wife one day, Tsu-chan~~" Koro's tease and she giggles.

"And I feel bad for your future wife, Koro-sensei" she retorts.

"Ah-Hem!" a forceful cough was heard and Tsuna immediately distances herself from Koro who blinks at the sudden noise.

"Oh Reborn, good morning" Tsuna greets the unnoticeably scowling man.

"Mornin'" he said.

"Koro-sensei—" said man looks at her "See you later. Reborn and I need to discuss about something".

With that Tsuna waves at her sensei and left with Reborn.

"So, will you finally tell me what the hell is going on?" Reborn said.

"You did threaten me so yeah" Tsuna rolls her eyes.

So she started telling about the whole thing.
And as the story telling progress, Reborn feels more irked.

"And you decided to not tell me this because?" he said.

Tsuna shrugs and looks to the side with an unreadable "Just because"

A tick mark appeared on Reborn's forehead. He squished Tsuna's cheeks together.

Her lips puckered because of it. "Oi..." he said and she laughed sheepishly.

"M-Maa~ Maa~ it's all in the past now. Let's concentrate on the futu—"

"Yeah, no. You should've told me about this whole ordeal. Because of what you did, I will have to... Punish you"

She gulps.

Was this the bad feeling...?

"Tomorrow at 6 pm, in the training room. Don't be late or your punishment will be double" Reborn said letting go of her cheeks even though he wants to touch it more.

"What the h*ll—I'm the boss here why am I taking orders from you!?"

"Because I said so" he simply said and walks away completely satisfied with the reaction he got from his Decimo.


—2 hours later.

Breakfast was messy as ever but at least Tsuna ate.

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