Chapter 12

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Keith's P.O.V.
We didn't wait for everyone to go find Lance, we don't know what could have happened in the time we waited. Shiro says we can't kill Lotor, even though he deserves it, because we could get in serious trouble. We just need to focus on Lance. But if we walk in and Lotor is a big threat I will not hesitate to hurt him.

Finally we arrive at the address Daniel gave us. It's a massive mansion. How the hell are we going to find our way around?

"Shiro?" I question, looking at him

"I know, it's really big." He says "Let's focus on getting inside first. Surely there is a way inside where we won't get caught by anyone in the mansion."

"Knowing Lotor there has to be some sort of secret entrance." I say "He's crafty and scheming, I doubt he'd live in a house without some sort of secret exit or entry."

"Where do you think it would be?" Shiro asks

"I don't know, let's look around." I reply

We walk around the large wall, barring us from the mansion. I press my hand against the walls looking for any inconsistencies and I find one after about ten minutes. It's a brick slightly pushed out. I push it in and a part of the wall opens up to reveal a long hallway.

"Shiro over here." I say and take a few steps inside

Shiro quickly rushes over and we walk inside properly, the wall closing behind us. There is enough light from some lanterns on the wall so we can see down the long hallway. We begin running, not wanting to spend any more time away from Lance.

As we come to the end of the hallway there's another brick wall. We look for another secret button which only takes a few minutes. Once the wall is down we peak out and tiptoe behind a podium. I'm pressed against Shiro's large chest but there's no time to blush.

"Where is he?" I whisper

"I can smell his scent, he's in pain." Shiro replies

He leads me though the halls of the mansion, which is extremely hard considering the amount of betas and alphas here. Luckily none of them seem to realise our scent. Finally we make it to a set of large doors where I can smell Lance's scent.

We peak through the door and see Lance on the ground being kicked by Lotor.

"Don't disobey me omega!" Lotor yells "You're nothing, learn to accept me!"

I see Lance try to sit up but he is pushed back down again. That's when he coughs up blood and tears begun to pour.

"I think I shall mark you now." Lotor's says pinning him to the floor

Lance's P.O.V.

"STOP!" I scream as Lotor holds me down

"Never." He replies and opens his mouth to bite me on my neck

Just as I feel his teeth graze me he is ripped off of me and thrown into a wall. It's Keith and Shiro, I'm saved!

Shiro has grown, his muscles are bulging and he is taller. I've heard this happens to alphas when their mates are threatened. Shiro delivers a punch to Lotor's mouth and I feel arms wrap around me. Helping me sit up.

It's Keith, who has also grown a bit. He also looks furious.

"Keith?" I ask but I don't get a response

They're both in feral mode, nothing can stop them now, not until Lotor pays. Once Keith has helped me sit up and lent me against the bed he rushes over to where Shiro is holding up Lotor by the neck with his metal arm.

"H-How did y-you find us?" Lotor chokes out

Shiro and Keith don't respond but Shiro slams him against the wall, again and again, I squeeze my eyes shut but don't stop them. Lotor deserves it for what he's done to me and everyone. I still don't want to watch it happen though. But I can't let them kill him.

"D-Don't kill him!" I say forcing myself to stand up but I fall to the ground

Shiro and Keith turn to me letting go of Lotor and hurrying over. The door bursts open and it's our friends followed by the police. They try to walk towards me but Shiro and Keith growl at them. They won't let any of them near me.

"Don't get close!" I say "They might hurt you!"

The police walk over to Lotor but Allura, Hunk, Pidge and Matt continue watching us. I know I need medical attention but I can't get it with my alphas protecting me.

I wrap an arm around each of them and pull them to me. Their arms wrap around me and each press a soft kiss to my neck, even now they won't mark me without my permission.

"You two need to calm down now." I whisper "I'll be ok."

I feel them begin to shrink in size and I smile softly. I press a kiss to each of their foreheads and finally they look up to me.

"Lance, are you ok?" Keith asks

"I'm ok now, It's just my hip that hurts." I reply

"We were so worried." Shiro says, resting his head in my neck

"I know, I'm sorry." I say

"Don't be sorry, it's not your fault." Keith states

"But if I didn't attract Lotor in the first place-" I begin to say but I'm cut off by Keith's lips

"It's not your fault at all. Don't blame yourself." Keith whispers

"Is it safe now?" Hunk asks and we look up to them

"Yeah, sorry." Shiro answers

"Don't be, you were protecting Lance." Pidge replies

They rush over to me and wrap me in a big group hug. I feel so warm and loved in everyone's arms. Keith and Shiro are still pressing kisses all over my neck and cheeks, relived that I'm ok. Then the police officers walk up to us.

"Lance is it?" The police officer states "We have a medical team out the front, we'd also like to ask you some questions about this whole situation."

"Ok officer." I reply and Shiro picks me up bridal style as it still hurts to walk

Hopefully I'll be able to go home soon, maybe even to Shiro and Keith's place. I'm just so relieved I'm saved, now I don't have to be Lotor's mate, I can go back to my normal life and I don't need to be hurt again.

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