Chapter seven

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New morning arose and the rays of sunlight caught my eyes. It caused my eyes muddle in such a jaded way.

I hate you Sun! Your light! Your arrogant smile! Your teasing! I hate your everything! If you hadn't existed, I had lived a peaceful life only in sleeping, cause there would have been only night.

A smile escaped my lips and I turned on the other side of my bed. The softness of my bed attracts me towards it. That's one of the reason, I love sleeping.

I grabbed my pillow and covered my eyes with it. Cause at that time, there is only my pillow, who is sincere to me. My blanket always leaved my side by falling onto the floor.

Poor me!

My dear blanket's conspiracies always lead me to shiver in the cold breezes at night.

I always hated the morning, when it came to wake. I never liked someone calling out my name to wake up. Specially;Taylor! Wake up! You are late! Come on! Hurry up...

That's ridiculous!

Another reason to hate morning is that it's hard to sleep again. Once my sleep is disturbed, my whole day is disturbed.

I want to sleep more! But I can't. I have to wake up and continue the everyday's routine. I will have to make me bore and then get on the bed again. Boring life!

What's today? Monday? or Tuesday? I am trying to get hold of my mobile which is on the table so far away from me. Come on! Where are you? 



I brought my phone closer and opened it. It's Monday! H-How days passed that fast? I never knew that sometimes days are skipped naturally. Silly month! Tomorrow is Tuesday, maybe something was special on Tuesday. I can't remember it right now.

What was tomorrow? Remember it! You can't forget anything so faster! Come on! Something really good was going to happen tomorrow. And I can't remember that! So abashing.

Trying to remember the things occurred in the past, I can remember Stella and the first day. She was excited and so was I. That day, we chatted on the phone about the years past on practicing for so long only for the concert.


We were here for concert? And Stella also told that we would be performing our first concert on Tuesday! Yeah, and that day is tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our first concert! For what I have been here for! Hurrah! I am really happy, but in addendum to it; I am afraid and cautious! How will I perform there? Maybe I will be shaking or I will not reach at time? Or if I did any mistake? I think, I should do practice tonight. That would be great.

I removed the blanket over me and stood from my bed. I rubbed my eyes to keep myself away from sleeping.

I am dressed in a light blue t-shirt having white clouds and trousers of the same design and color. I put on my soft fluffy shoes and went for having a look of myself on the mirror.

Great! Taylor, you look perfect in blasted hair shattered around your face and sleepy eyes. I fixed the hair on my face behind my ears.

I leaned forward the windows and started opening all the curtains of my room. The day seems nice and pleasant. Maybe, it would be proven worse after sometime, if something happened.

Who knows?

Then I noticed a car there standing in front of my stupid neighbor or I can say my enemy's house. This car seems familiar, have I seen it somewhere? Maybe in my dream? No! Maybe in real? I leaned forward and put my hands on the window's apron in animus to examine it carefully.

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