*6* - Theres a Possibility...I Want You Back.

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Yes, I am very much alive XD Yeah Im not going to bother with the excuses, but I am really sorry for the massive wait. And Im also starting to regret the decision to make a sequel to this because I am badly struggling with a story line that isnt cruddy or cliche' -.- and yeah that isnt really going to plan. If this isnt over 1 page I might very well cry, and consider deleting this. But yeah, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks to the people who left me advice on the last chapter on what to do, especially SadezJade09, you gave me that extra push :)

Chapter 6:

"Julian!" I winced at the high pitch quality of my voice, I was trying to act calm, but that was obviously a lost cause.

My heart was beating a hundred miles an hour and my head was spinning with what was happening. I felt like a toddler who had just gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Why was I feeling like this? It wasnt like I owed him an apology or anything for becoming engaged to my boyfriend...well now my fiance', a fiance' whom I loved very much. I noticed that Julian was still looking at me expectantly, waiting for my answer to his question.

"Uhm, yeah Jake proposed last night." I said while sheepishly holding up my left hand to give him a perfect view of the sparkling ring.

"Thats great, I'm really happy for you." He smiled a beaming smile at me and if I hadnt noticed the tightness around his eyes or the way I could tell that he had to force the words from his mouth, I would have thought that he was being genuine.

"Thanks." We stood there looking at eachother for a while, neither of us knowing what to say.

I was itching to ask if he was planning to go back home now that I was engaged and wont be leaving Jake for him anytime soon. However I was still trying to wrap my head around it myself, trying to understand what had made him want to come and find me after all this time. What had made him think that I was going to be waiting around for him to come back to me like some Disney princess? Shouldnt he be in college playing football? Throughout my internal ramblings I hadnt noticed that Julian had started talking again.

"Erm, sorry what did you say?" His smile was amused as he began to repeat what he had just said.

"I said, did you want to come sight seeing with me? I dont know my way around and I'm not really into the whole massive group of tourists and seeing each site for ten minutes then moving on to the next, kind of tour. Unless you have something planned with Jake, then thats cool." He was rubbing the back of his neck, a habit he did whenever he was nervous about something.

"Actually, that sounds really good. I could use some sight seeing and walking around. Jake is actually at uni finalising his trip to Australia, so I have the rest of the day free." Juliens smile widened when I mentioned that Jake was leaving, and I didnt doubt for a second his reasons.

"He's leaving on a trip after he just proposed to you? How long is he going for?"

"Well he told me last night right before he proposed, hes going to be gone for 5 weeks." I said as I played with the hem of my lace blouse, a habit of mine when ever I became nervous. But what exactly did I have to be nervous about?

"Five weeks? Well that would be enough time for-"

"For nothing to happen between us." I cut him off firmly, before he finished his sentence. This was in no way an opportunity for Julian to snake his way back into my heart, not while I was making a giant leap with Jake.

"I was going to say that it would be enough time for you to show me around Rome properly before I have to leave." He spoke non chantly, as if he were going to say that originally, yeah right, I know what youre doing buddy.

I slightly narrowed my eyes at him in suspicion, "And exactly how long are you going to be here for? Shouldnt you be attending college right now?"

"I'll be here until I feel like going back home, until I've felt that I have done exactly what I needed to do here in the first place. And as for college, I've taken the rest of the semester off. So I have all the time I need to see as much of Italy as I can." He flashed me a smug grin, as if to say, 'any other objective wuestions to my being here?'. I felt like slapping the stupid, sexy grin right off his face.

"Very well, but why do you want me to show you around? What is wrong with a professional who actually knows where they are going?" I asked.

"I dont want a boring professional, whom I have to follow around who wont allow me to appreciate the sights and take it all in properly. I want you." He had a slight smile on his face which had me melting and wanting to agree with him.

I want you.

Thats all he had to say and I felt like we were back at the beginning. Back in high school, before everything became out of had and complicated. Just for the smallest amount of time there I wanted to want him aswell, as he obviously wanted me. Not just as his tour guide, but as his. So I looked him in the eyes, god, his gorgeous blue eyes and prayed to the fashion goddess who hopefully wasnt watching me make the biggest mistake, since the introduction of fluro colours on the runway this season, and said the four words which would surely come back to bite me in the butt,

"Alright, I'll do it."










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