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Abigail's Theme:

Monday October 10, 2016

The empty, somber bathroom lit only by the meek blue nightlight on the wall penetrated Abigail's dreaming mind once again, yanking her back to the mysterious room.

She gazed around her, still unable to discern the origins of her dream-vision. Standing in the middle of the quiet room was the same tall, black-robed woman, the stranger's eerily pale face hidden by her hood, revealing only a bitter frown.

"Who are you?" Abigail shakily asked her.

The strange woman remained silent, as she had since the vision's first occurrence. Behind Abigail and above the towel rack hung a smooth wooden plaque showcasing those mournful words:

"Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me."

Psalm 27:10

In the mirror hung over the white sink, Abigail's reflection gawked back at her as she continued to anxiously observe her surroundings. The woman continued to remain silent, gazing at Abigail under her ebony hood as the girl shivered with tension. Her thoughts momentarily drifted back to the prison-like hallways of Bellview High, and in that instant, the entire scene shattered away as reality dragged her mind back.


"Come along now Abigail Wright, this isn't nap time."


Abigail raised her head off of her library desk to see Ms. Cheryl Lloyd, the school's dry librarian, standing over her and frowning disapprovingly.

"This free period is supposed to be used for studying, not sleeping," Ms. Lloyd reminded her firmly. "You know this."

"I'm sorry...I...um..."

Ms. Lloyd sighed and told her, "On top of that, you clearly weren't planning to study here to begin with. You have no textbooks, nor any homework with you."

Abigail bit her lip sheepishly as the librarian waved an impatient hand over her empty desk. Ms. Lloyd was right, because all Abigail had wanted was to catch a moment of reprieve after weeks of restless nights.

Even after passing out for the majority of her last period of the day, Abigail still had to fight the urge to let her eyes shut again. The librarian grimaced down at her, seeing just how exhausted Abigail really was.

"It's clear to me that you're not getting proper rest at home," Ms. Lloyd told her. "It's not my business why, but please, take care of yourself. You can't keep going through your daily motions feeling like a zombie. I would know."

"It's my dreams," Abigail admitted shyly.

"Then that's even worse."

Ms. Lloyd glanced at the clock, and told her, "Why don't you go to the restroom and get yourself cleaned up a bit. I'll let this pass, but remember, the library is a place for studying, not snoozing."

Abigail rose and mumbled, "Y-yeah, sorry about that."

"And another thing," Ms. Lloyd said to her, "be sure you use the girls' restroom, not the boys'. It's where you belong, after all."

"You mean that?" Abigail asked her, floored that a faculty member was openly affirming her gender.

"Of course I do, and I don't give a damn what Fred Harris, that decrepit excuse of a principal has been telling you. I've seen enough to know that the boys' restroom is only full of hooligans eager to beat you up. And besides, Abigail, you're a girl. Why shouldn't that be the bottom line?"

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