Chapter Eight

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December 20th, 1942

Dear Axel,

I hope you aren't anywhere near here.

There's so much death, I almost can't bear it. At least I'm helping soldiers, even if they aren't you. Well, the ones who make it back to the hospital.

I hope you're okay.

Please be okay.

With Love,

A German Girl

"Adaline! Get over here!" the head nurse yells at me from across the room. I rush to her. On the cot is a barely recognizable man.

"We need to suture his wounds."

I nod to her, though really I knew he wasn't going to make it. Why waste the dressings? I don't say anything; instead, I follow the nurse's orders.

Until I notice his chest isn't rising anymore.


"What?!" she yelled harshly at me. I silently set down the gauze, stepping away from the bed. That's when she realized what I saw.

"Oh." Her eyes fill with tears, though none officially fall. "He was my son."

That makes sense now. Why she was trying so hard to save the man.

She wipes away the tears, straightening out her uniform. "Have him moved. I need to work on other patients."

I nod, having a few of the male paramedics to carry him out of the makeshift hospital.

"Adaline! They're bringing a Colonel in! We need all the help we can get on this one!" my friend, Helena, yells to me from the entrance of the tent. Seconds later, a man is brought in on a cot. I want to throw up when I get closer.


"No! No, not Lucy! She can't be here..."

"What happened to him?" I ask, not noticing any horrible wounds. Helena rips the rest of his uniform off to reveal shrapnel embedded in his abdomen.

Oh Axel...

For the next hour, we work on cleaning up his torso. By the time his stomach is finally finished, he has a flask in his hand, taking a sip every now and again while watching me. It's unsettling though, as the look is cold and calculated.

Helena taps me, causing me to turn to her and away from Axel. She hands me a piece of paper. Quickly, I realize it's a picture of me as a young girl, shortly after meeting him. "Isn't this you?" Helena asks. I nod, not looking up from the image. Either this meant he is clearly into young children or that he has cared about me since I was younger.

"Adaline!" I'm snapped out of looking at my own photo. It's the head nurse again.

Of course! It's dinner now for the wounded in our care. I quickly shove the paper into my brassiere before skipping to help with serving.

I make sure to serve Axel last. Actually, I was hoping one of the other girls would serve him before me.

Helena shoves a bowl into my hands. "The Colonel only wants you to serve him. Cocky one, he is. I'd be careful around him, especially with how pretty you are."

I nod, carrying the soup over to the officer. He goes to sit up but hisses in pain. The sign of pain encourages me a bit, that this is just Axel.

It's silent between us, as if waiting for one to fight the other. Finally, it's him who speaks up, a pained expression crossing his face. I don't think it's his torso injury this time.

"Lucy, what are you doing here?" His features darken then. "Or should I say Adaline."

"Axel, I can explain—"

"No," he cuts me off. "I'm taking you home to your family. Do you even know what's going on with them?"

Hanging my head in shame, I shake it for no.

"Your brother ran off, Lucy."

I'm not surprised to hear this, honestly. I knew he'd leave shortly after I did, if not even before me.

"I'm not going back home, Axel Ackermann. You cannot force me to return." I go to stand up and walk away but his next words stop me.

"I'll tell them you're impersonating a nurse and stole your mother's identity. They won't take too kindly to that."

I glare at him, clenching my teeth in anger. "I hate you, Axel Ackermann." Seething, I throw his hot soup onto his blanket, stomping away like a little girl. I guess he's into that anyways.

Yes! It's been wayyy too long since the last chapter. Just had a lot of school stuff and family trouble. I'm going to finish this up for the wattys (maybe not complete it by then but oh well). Expect more frequent updates though! =)

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