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this was requested by Freshy_sans im not sure how this will turn out cause im not that good at writing these in general but im more usto doing the guys and maybe casey but im taking a leap to the next roof on this one. ( if you get the reference please comment to see if your right)

i hope you enjoy this 


Tigerclaw's P.O.V

(Y/n) was my one true friend we new each other before i was mutated and even when i was they still accepted me, but if my master ever found out he would have them mutated or worse killed and i cant risk that, so every night after i complete a mission i tell him im still working on it and turn my tracker off and sneek to their place were we talk but today they were with someone, another guy around our age laughing and joking like there was no tomorrow 'god (y/n) knows im risking it just to see them yet they dont even notice the time!' i thought as i got slightly pissy. that's when it happened the guy kissed (y/n) on the forehead and left so i knocked on the window only to have it thrown open and to be pulled into a hug "who was that?" i asked kinda pissed

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i was talking to my brother Casey (yes you are the infamous Casey jones sibling) and he had to go so he kissed me on the for head and said by and left then a knocking came from my window 'Tigerclaw!' i thought happy as all life on earth because my crush was here! i opened the window  and hugged him only for him to snap out "who was that?" in a very angry ton. "Casey." i told him "so what are you like dating him or something" he hissed out" no... wait are you jealous of my brother?" i asked him "wait your brother?" he asked sounding gilty "yes my brother Tiger." i told him "but were you jellois" i asked "maye a little but thats only cause i like you" he mumbled "well i like you to kitty cat" i said kissing his cheek "you should probably go before you get caught," i told him "wait i need to ask you something.... will you be my girl/boy friend?" he asked  "yes!" i said blushing.


i didn't know if you were a guy or a girl so i put they and them instead of her and she and i put girl/boy friend cause i dont know what ya'll identify as but no judgement on that if ya'll identify as a pical im cool with that.

by love's ~Marcellus 

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