Chapter 2: Kat

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Sometimes the line between fantasy and reality can be so inherently blurred that the two can get confused.

You know those movies where a character can simply close their eyes, open them and whatever displeasing scenario was taking place before was suddenly gone and the scene went back to normal or they woke up and discovered none of it was really true?

Right at that moment, I closed my eyes to the world around me, squeezing them tightly and preparing myself to either wake up in my own bed with Dominic holding me close or for someone else to be sitting in that driver's seat.

I wished for my reality to become some warped fantasy so that I wouldn't have to deal with the shit storm of confusion that would follow if my reality did happen to be this fucked up.

Of course with my unlikely streak of bad luck, none of the above happened.

Heather Reed, Dominic's soon to be ex-wife still sat where she was before I closed my eyes and made that useless wish.

"Is this a joke?" I had so many questions but this was the most obvious.

Even with her eyes shaded by dark, assumedly designer sunglasses, I just knew she'd rolled her eyes at me. "Of course you would think this was a joke."

"I seriously think you're in the wrong place." I was certain there had to be some kind of mix up. Heather being the mastermind behind all of this made about as much sense the condom brand, Trojan. Honestly, why name something that's supposed to provide protection and keep things in after possibly the most famous instance of failed protection in history?

Heather scoffed, flicking her shoulder length hair from her forehead. "If you think I have time for this bullshit, then you've seriously underestimated who you're dealing with."

"And if you think for a second that I'd believe you had any involvement in what you think you know you're talking about, then I'm absolutely positive you've underestimated my gullibility. I'm not that dumb."

Her nose scrunched up. "But aren't you?"

Shrugging, I replied, "Well, your husband doesn't seem to think so."

All scrutiny fell from the lines on Heathers face. Slowly, she reached up and pulled down her sunglasses to the bridge of her nose. Heather leveled her stare to mine in challenge, allowing me a perfect view of the heinous evil that starved her eyes of any affection or kindness.

"You've always talked such a big goddamn game," she sneered in a voice that matched the condescending tone of her stare.

"Open the door." Heather threw the order behind her, to someone or a few someone's that I had not seen yet inside the van.

Not but a second later, the sound of the vans' door being torn open and sliding to the side caught my attention.

Two men- two large men sat in the back of the van, crouched on their feet and hunched over to fit their massive bodies in the tight space. They were as terrifying as their presence was stunning.

But they were not what stole the shock from my body and manifested it until it was as real as the person the men tossed from the van and dropped like a sack of dead weight at my feet.

"Oh my God." I fell to my knees on the back ally asphalt, overwhelmed by varying levels of gratefulness, panic, and fear.

She had fallen in a heap on the ground, groaning so that I knew she was alive but barely making any attempts at movement. I gathered her hair, noting how matted and filthy it felt to the touch as I moved it from her face, nearly bursting into tears as her eyes fluttered open and met mine.

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