Chapter 8

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-The Body part I -

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-The Body part I -

White. That was the first thing Pine saw. She looked around the room. White. Terrified, Pine ran up to the door. She grabbed onto the doorknob, it wouldn't open. She tried everything she could think of. Nothing worked. Slumping against the wall, her eyes started to feel hot and her nose as well, close to tears, she sighed. What happened? She rubbed her arm, it hurt. Why did it hurt? The young girl looked down. She was in a hospital gown. The first thing that came to mind was: who had dressed her? She partially didn't want to know. On her arm, there was writing. 014. Deja vu flooded over her. The girl, the room. She licked her finger and rubbed it violently against the writing. Nothing. Tattoo, Pine had a tattoo! She examined herself more. She wore nothing but the hospital gown and her underwear. Whoever'd dressed her had the decency not to entirely strip her. Still, she wanted to know the details of her dressing procedure. Where was she? That's another thing she needed to know. Click. The sound echoed in her ears. The door opened. The man entered. Pine backed away to the other side of the small room.

"You're alright. I wont hurt you." he said kindly, a diversion Pine thought. "I'm only trying to help you. A gift such as yours shouldn't be suppressed, it should be nurtured."

"Y-you killed my p-parents." Pine muttered revolted

"They wouldn't let you reach the peek of your full potential." He walked over and kneeled next to Pine "From the first time I saw you, I could feel your power, I could see the glimmer in your eyes. Something such as that should be used, not locked away."

"I'm n-not special. I'm not u-unusual."

"But you are. Tell me fourteen, has anything ever happened to you? Anything you couldn't explain?"

"My. Name. Is. Pine." She said through clenched teeth.

"Your name was always meant to be fourteen."

"But it wasn't." then she repeated her self, this time louder "My name is Pine."

"Fourteen, you are destined for great things. All your parents ever did was hold you back. I couldn't let that happen. Your sister, Eleven, she got lost. You can find her. She's in danger. I'm your Papa, we can reunite the family. Our family."

"No, I have no sister, my parents are Lilac and Jerry Knight, my name is Pine Knight, and I am not special." She spat.

"Come." The man stood and walked towards the door, motioning for Pine to follow.

Outside the room was a hallway. It was almost as empty as the room. The man walked along it, Pine irritatingly close behind. He led her into a room. It was small and contained a single table, tv, small odd wire contraption, and a chair. The man motioned for her to sit in it so, she did. A few people gathered round a window that peered in through the hall. The man put the wire contraption on Pine's head. It was some sort of hat.

"Now, I want you to think. Think of this girl. See if you can find her." He slid a picture in front of her "Do you recognize her?"

It was the girl Pine had seen in the woods and the empty space. Terrified, Pine thought back to what she'd said, "They're coming". It all made sense now. This man, these scientists, they were they. Was that girl Eleven? Had she escaped? The girl the man had spoken of?

"Just close your eyes. Close your eyes and describe, what is it that you see."

Pine did as told. She closed her eyes. She thought of the girl. Pine was back in the void again. The big empty space. The girl stood in the middle of it. Pine walked over, catching the girls attention.

"Eleven?" Pine asked

The girl pulled out a notepad. She wrote something and held it up.

Quiet. They can hear you. Run away. Through the pipes. Don't tell them where I am. Bad men. Hide. Mike.

Pine nodded. She reached towards the notepad. Eleven gave it to her. Scribbling down something quickly, she held it up.

I won't. Promise. I saw Will. Can you help me find him?

The notepad switched hands again.

Yes. Upsidedown.


Where Will is.

That place?


How do I get him out?

The gate.

Where's the gate?



Where you are. Leave. Dangerous.

Then Eleven held her hand up in a gun signal and pointed it to herself then Pine.

Suddenly, Pine was no longer in the void but in her house. Her old house. 1979. She watched her eight year old self stand in the yard holding the gun and the man in the woods. She looked over, Eleven stood next to her. She took Pine's hand and led her to the woods. The man, a girl stood next to him. Pine remembered.

Then, suddenly, another noise.
"Papa?" A small voice called.
Inside the forest a girl, no older than Pine, tugged on the man's sleeve.
"Not now sweetheart." The man replied

Pine stood, terrified, frozen in fear, the bloody handled gun cold in her grip. The night's events, the man in the woods, the fact she now had no place to go, it was too much. So, she stood, frozen in the middle of her backyard, not running because there was nowhere to go and no one to run to. That's when she was dragged away.

That girl was eight year old Eleven! Pine watched the old scene play before her as if it had happened yesterday. The girl held up the notepad.

He made me find you. I didn't know this would happen.

The scenery changed again. Pine was back in the room. The man watched her intently.

"What did you see?" He asked

"September 16, 1979." Pine replied

"Did you see her?"


"Where is she?"

"I only saw her in September 16, 1979."

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