Chapter 33

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Despite the two smiling young men, there was an awkward silence filling the swimmer's bedroom.

After deciding to postpone celebrating the beginning of relationship as boyfriends to focus on the competition today, they sat with some distance between them.

This is awkward, Cris thought, pressing his lips to hide his strange smile. Since we were just kissing, all the sexual tension is still in the air... I can still feel my nipples tingling where he sucked me... The boy's face became an alarming shade of red as he remembered.

Nelson glanced at him, blushed and averted his gaze when their eyes met. Only to do the same thing a few seconds later, always without saying anything.

The manager's action only added to the sexual tension. Cris sat on the bed while hugging his legs. When his eyes met Nelson's, he buried his red face on his knees. Even so, he still caught the swimmer's cute smile, making his heart thump even faster.

Why the hell am I behaving like this? It's not like I haven't fallen in love with a guy who loved me back, Cris thought, glancing at Nelson through the corner of his eyes.

But, as he looked at the swimmer, he felt his cheeks growing hotter and buried his face on the knees again. Ah, damn... I'm acting like a thirteen years old boy who fell in love for the first time...

Despite his embarrassment, Cris didn't hate the feeling at all. He couldn't stop smiling, even though he pressed his lips. But no matter how much he tried, the smile kept forcing itself on his face.

The awkward silence was only broken by two distinct alarms ringing at the same time.

The swimmer and the manager picked up their respective smartphones. They looked at their devices, then at each other. With awkward smiles, they showed the screens to each other.

"The tournament," they said at the same time.

There was another moment of silence. And then they laughed together.

"You first," Cris said, gesturing to the swimmer.

"I set the alarm to warn me to get ready for the tournament," Nelson said, putting the phone away.

Cris chuckled and flashed a sly smile.

"At this time? How much time do you need to get ready? Even when I dress as a girl, I don't need this much time to get ready."

Nelson showed an embarrassed smiled as he scratched his head. "You don't need that much time to look cute," he said, his cheeks red.

Cris covered his smile with a hand. Damn... he's too cute... but even so, I can see through him...

"What are you hiding from me?" the manager asked, his voice midway between teasing and suspicion.

"I have... a few pre-tournament rituals," Nelson said, so low Cris had trouble hearing.

"A few pre-tournament rituals?" Cris repeated in a loud voice, making the swimmer avert his eyes. "Like what? Not crossing black cats and not stepping on cracks?"

"It's not like Friday thirteenth," the athlete said, his cheeks a shade of red.

Cris chuckled as his smile widened. "Sorry, sorry. I know some swimmers have weird superstitions. Like not shaking peoples hand to avoid tiring their arms. Or move their legs and arms in synchronism for balance or something like that."

"Hey, I don't do anything weird like that," Nelson said defensively.

"Then what do you do? What are your pre-tournament rituals?" Cris tried, but it was impossible to get the teasing out of his voice.

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