Chapter 14

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{Moon goddess's POV}

What's taking him so long?

I tapped my foot impatiently while waiting for Seth to report back to me.

"Let! Me! Go!" The prisoner yelled at me, struggling to get out of his restraints.

"Shut up you little cunt!" I gritted out.

"Make me bitch! It won't take long for Venom and Inori to find out that that Sebastian you sent is a fake! You better not be planning on hurting Sombra either!"

Growling I snapped my fingers and  sowed his mouth shut but he kept the angered expression and kept on making muffled sounds of protest.

It's been a few weeks since Seth captured Sebastian (after finding out just how close he was with God) and disguised himself as him. So far everythings been going fine, Venom and Inori are still clueless and that little robot is still being the loyal little pet that she is for him.

I scowled as he continued to make annoying sounds of protest. I'm this close to knocking his ass out.


I sighed in relief as Seth walked in, using his magic to take off his disguise. "Thank goodness your back, did you get anything?"

"I. . .made a mistake." He whinced.

"A mistake?"

"Yes. There's a guy named Terrance. The first time she went on a rampage because of the dark virus he somehow was able to calm her down, was not effected by her poison when she bit him, and he had a strange ability. I got curious and wanted to find out his ability so I was able to convince them to fight each other and told his Alpha that it was to see if he wanted to make him his Beta. Things did not go so well."

"Othasafuckinsurpis." Sebastian tried to talk while glaring at both of us. We ignored him.

"What happened?"

"She lost control again and I didn't get to catch Terrance using his ability. There was a lot of damage done and Alpha Xavier was kinda stunned and angry. I afraid that he'll figure out that something wrong."

"I doubt that he's going to be a problem, and do you know what's Terrance's relationship is with her."

"To be honest, I don't know. He has a mate named May but he doesn't seem to be connected to her like usual mates are with each other. I think he loves Sombra which explains why he seems so overprotective of her."

"They could be close friends. . ." I suggested.

He shook his head. "I can see it in their eyes. They love each other a lot but their not saying anything."

I groaned and shook my head. "You know what it doesn't matter if he loves or hates her just get rid of him if he becomes a threat."

"Understood." He bowed respectfully before swiftly leaving.

"And you," I snapped my fingers, unsowing his mouth. "Answer my questions and you won't get hurt. Got it?"

He only made a sound from the back of his throat.

I'm gonna take that as a yes.

"Question number 1, you know what the robot is correct?"

"She's not a robot! She's a living breathing person with emotions!"

"Well the blueprints say differently."

"That doesn't mean she's a robot! She was just given things that normal supernaturals don't have!"

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