Baldi x Playtime

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In this one, Playtime gets adopted by Baldi 

Playtime's POV

I was having too much fun to realize it was time to leave. I didn't want to leave and deal with my abusive parents, I didn't want to go home. I packed everything into my red backpack along with my jump rope. My uncle came to pick me up which was unusual.  "What's going on?" I asked getting into the car. My uncle sighed and said that my parents died in a car accident. I was glad I didn't have to go home to get abused but I was worried about where I was going now. "Now, you are an orphan. I'm taking you to the orphanage after we get all your stuff from your old home," I nodded, sighing. I knew no one would adopt  a mostly blind girl that wants to play with everyone. Once I got to the orphanage, I was nervous and scared. I was settled into my own room after 10 minutes, I didn't want to talk to anyone because I was scared no one would want to be my friend and just bully me. I closed the door and turned on my favorite song that I would jump rope to.

Baldi's POV

I know what happens to Playtime when she goes home but now her parents are dead and she is at the orphanage. I always felt like the dad she never had or kinda wanted but I knew before anyone else adopted her, I would adopt her. Adopting a child was my dream, I never wanted to be alone again. I made a plan of adopting her Thursday.

Playtime's POV

Kids have been bullying me ever since I came here so I have been staying in my room. It was summer break so I decided to go outside. I stayed out of everyone's way and jump roped in a corner of the playground. Someone accidentally bumped into me so I helped them up and said sorry to them, they just shrugged it off and said it was ok and then they ran off playing with their friends. I sighed and jump roped again. I saw someone come towards me with a pair of safety scissors so I knew what they were going to do and I let them but instead of them cutting my jump rope, they cut a loose string on my dress which confused me. "There! Now it's not bothering me," I was so confused. "What do you mean "it's not bothering you"?" She looked at me and giggled a bit. "I have an OCD where loose string on clothing bothers me." I replied with an 'oh' and the other girl ran off.

Timeskip to Thursday cuz I'm lazy as fuck at the moment

Still Playtime's POV:

I was packing my things up since I was getting adopted today. I questioned why anyone would want to adopt me but I didn't care. Once I walked out of my room with my stuff, I saw who my dad was going to be and almost squealed. Baldi was my new dad!

Baldi's POV:
I was got finished with the paperwork and took Playtime home. I showed her the room she was going to stay in and she loved it.

Playtime grew up to be an amazing woman and had an ok-ish dad

Thank you blueberryeve for requesting this, it took me forever to write so yea this is the final draft. Also, thank you for the 13.8 k reads, it makes me so happy to see so many people on Wattpad actually like a story I made and I still think its a terrible story but that's my opinion but still thank you for the support and everything.

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