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Emergence Theory:
Complexity & Simplicity

In the Wizardhood, Emergence Theory claims from complexity comes new simplicity; so if, for example, enough leaves gather together, it forms the simple concept of bush or tree, and if enough letters are stringed together, it forms the simple concept of sentence or paragraph.

Our mother used to explain this to us all the time, as we walked through the garden, Aleria on her right side, me on the left, the unwanted one.

By the same token, simplicity paves the road towards new complexities:

Many trees become a forest.

Many paragraphs become a story.

Many people become a city.

Many cities become a metropolis.

Except, different parts of Emergence Theory are challenged by different schools; for instance, the Violet School argues the spiral pattern of emergence can only move upward—never downward, backward—and at the end of this seeming infinity, a singularity of infinite ideas exists called the Omega Simplicity.

I don't like the idea of anything moving only one way. I think this might have to do with how I can move forward or backward, physically. In a swimming pool, I can also move up and down. Birds have solved how to move up and down in thin air. With all these geometric openings available to us, I cannot think of life as an arrow.

That's why I didn't enroll at the Violet School. That's where Aleria is in charge anyway, and who wants to be under their sister's boot?



Other schools question whether infinity and simplicity can be contained in a single point; after all, doesn't infinity imply continuous advancement?—and doesn't Emergence Theory argue from simplicity, emerges complexity? So we should be able to move wherever we want, forward or backward, up or down, on the spectrums of the simple rendered complex, the complex rendered simple.

It can become rather confusing, very fast. The whole idea starts as fascinating—from leaves to trees, from trees to forests; it's a lovely thought—yet if a fledgling wizard follows the rabbit hole deep enough, they wind up in spaces that are not so explainable, not so available to human sensibility, and this often makes the younger students uncomfortable.

So while I can see how Aleria's fanatic belief in the Melody-Harmony Engine could change Emergence Theory, on the other hand, I know if I try to follow the chain of logic too far, I'll end up frustrated, intellectually up my own ass.

I've learned to let go of thinking this obsessively, of delving too deep.


Wizard War I & II

My only real concern about the Melody-Harmony Engine is a Third Wizard War; the last time the Seven Schools crazed over the Omega Simplicity and the Theory of Emergence, it decimated the Human World.


Red School's Reputation
for Tampering with Data

Then there's tampered data. The Red School is known for mucking up data, and they're the ones who built the damn engine.


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