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Alex had shown up every day for the past four days since their talk without fail. He had a week off school so he'd been with Yuri all week. When he didn't show up, Yuri got worried. He tried calling him.


"Hey, are you coming by today?"

"Y- yeah, I'm on my way now. J- just give me a second. I'll be there. I'm walking now."

"Okay, see you in a bit."

Yuri made and ate breakfast while he waited letting Yuuri know Alex was coming over. An hour later he was still waiting. Frowning, Yuri decided to walk to Alex's dorm. If Alex had already left they'd meet each other on the way. There was no such luck and Yuri knocked on the door when he got there.

"Alex? It's Yuri."

"U- um, give me a second! Can you just open the door? It's unlocked."

Yuri did so walking in to see clothes all over Alex's side of the room and Alex himself in a t-shirt five sizes too big.

"Alex? Are you okay? You said you were going to ome over an hour and a half ago."

"I-" Alex swallowed, "I will be out in a few minutes. Just step outside please."

"Okay..." Yuri did so. Twenty minutes passed before he knocked again walking in without permission, "Okay, look you're taking forever."

"Ssh. You're very loud," Alex was now dressed in cargo pants and a smaller t-shirt that still hung loosely on him.

"I'm always loud."

"You're too loud. You slammed the door."

Yuri sighed, "You're being weird today. Come on, you're already dressed, let's get your hair brushed," Yuri grabbed Alex's brush running it through his hair. It was meant as good natured fun. Alex didn't take it that way.

Alex jumped up and rubbed his head backing away, "Don't do that!"

"Alex, what in the world is going on? Come here," Yuri grabbed his wrist in an attempt to get Alex to look at him.

Alex freaked out and shook his hand, "Don't touch me! I don't like that. Don't touch me."

Someone Yuri didn't know walked into the room, "Hey," he nodded at Yuri, "What's up?"

Yuri closed his eyes taking a deep breath, "Hey, I'm Yuri. You are?"

"Antonio. I'm his roommate. You up for anything tonight, Alex?"

Alex didn't answer.

"Alex!" Antonio clapped his hands in front of Alex's face.

Alex jumped and turned to him startled before quickly putting on tennis shoes, "Sorry, what?"

"I said are you up for anything tonight?"

"N- no. Not tonight. I can't. I need to go. It's too loud here," Alex stood seeming panicked and ran his hand through his hair humming to himself in a fast melody Yuri couldn't make out.

"Alex.... It's not loud..." Antonio looked at Yuri for an explanation who just shrugged just as confused.

"You don't understand, you dont- you dont- you can't- you don't know," Alex gripped the handle to the door lightly with his fingers quickly letting go once it was open and dissappeared down the hall at a run.

Yuri ran after him worried. Alex didn't leave the building though, he ran up the stairs from the ground floor to the roof.

"Alex! Wait!"

"Don't yell! It's too loud! Its- I cant- too much," Alex put his hands in his hair pulling at it and covering his ears.

That was when Yuri remembered what Alex had said five days ago, "Alex..." he said quietly, "Did your dad take your medicine?"

"It's too loud, it's too- ichty- too much," Alex pulled at his hair.

"Alex... You're going to hurt yourself. Stop pulling your hair," Yuri grabbed his hand gently.

Alex pulled his hand away quickly pulling at his hair harder, "Dont- don't touch-"

"Okay, okay, okay," Yuri sighed having no idea what to do, "How can I help?"

Alex didn't answer pulling at his hair and seeming to get more worked up until he burst into tears.

"Alex. Alex, look at me."

Alex didn't and clawed at his arms. Yuri decided to call Yuuri.


"I need help. Alex needs help actually, but he's having some sort of panic attack and I don't know what to do. He has a sensory processing disorder and he suddenly just panicked and he's hurting himself."

"Are you at the dorms?"

"Yeah, on the roof."

"I'm coming."

Ten minutes later a very out of breath Yuuri burst onto the roof.

"He won't stop. It's been nearly fifteen or twenty minutes," Yuri looked over at Alex who was now curled tightly in a ball squeezing his head.

Yuuri looked sympathetic and walked over to Alex putting noise canceling headphones on him. He then tried to gently touch him but Alex said something incoherent and pulled away putting his hands over the headphones and sitting up knees tucked to his chest still crying.

"Alex..." Yuri took a step forward.

"Wait, give him a second. I googled this after you called. He's having a sensory meltdown. You can't help because he can't control what he's doing. His body thinks he's in danger. The headphones help take away the noise. It takes a few minutes but he should calm down soon since we took away what's causing the issue. "

"Thank you, Yuuri."

"Has this never happened before? With all the things you do, I would expect it to have happened."

"He has medicine. It ran out."

"Okay, remind him to get that fixed. I'm going to go now. He seems okay," Yuuri waved goodbye and left.

Alex wiped his face and took off the headphones, "I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for. Although, you've scratched your arms pretty badly."

"It was loud and I couldn't concentrate. I didn't learn how to deal with this kind of stuff as a kid because of the pills so now I don't know what to avoid or what makes me... Have a meltdown i guess."

"Was it just sound?"

"No, I don't like touch either and sometimes the light is bad, but usually it's okay."

"Are you okay to go to my house? You can wear the headphones. I think Yuuri got them for you to keep."

Alex stood, "Thank you. I mean it. I'm sorry you had to see me like that. I hate it."

"What's it like?"

"Imagine thousands of people screaming but you're the only one who can hear it. It's like that. Every little noise I can hear and it bothers me. Even the lights make noise."

"Well... What's something quiet you like to do?"

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