dream breaks

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"Ugh shawn help please i cant tie my shoe lace!!!"i shouted getting frustrated, i hate mendes right know im pregnant and i cant do anything- dont get me wrong i cant wait to have a kid, but not being able to do anything is a pain in the arse.

"Here all done babygirl now chill" shawn said finishing my shoe lace and pecking my lips. i stood up and walked to the door- me and shawn are going to go shopping for baby stuff.

I jumped in his jeep waiting for him to arrive after a 20 mins car drive of shawn being chesy and signing we were at mothercare. Shawn parked and helped me out the car- we went in and the look on shawns face was priceless, i known shawn always wanted kids so this was huge news for us.

As he is due anytime now. Yep 'he' we are having a boy,"omgg y/n come here look at this" shawn said holding up a 'daddys boy' top. I chuckled. "Hes going to be mommies boy"i said debating with him "no no no definitely daddys boy" i shook my head and carried on shopping.

After nearly buying the whole shop we were finished.we soon got back home- i went to go pick some bags up when shawn stopped me and told me to go inside. Great i cant do anything, "shawn im going to run a bath" i shouted from the door to the bottem drive way. "Ok babygirl i will be in, in 5" he said back.

I ran upstairs running a bath to realise that the towels are down satirs. I ran down stairs but on the middle step tripped, and tumbled down to the bottem.shawn came rushing in he looked down at me -and from hos face i knew something was wrong.

I looked down to see a pile of blood, shawn picked me up slamming the front door shut and taking me to the car- he drove me to the hospital.he rushes me in "pleasehelpmygirlfreindispregnatandshefelldownthestairsandthereisblood"he said really fast (btw that said: please help my girlfriend is pregnant she fell down the stairs and there is blood)

The doctor quickly came and put me ina weel chair,i was getting droopy by the second until i was full passed out.

Wakes up

Shawn was stood in the corner crying "shawn whats happed where is our baby" i asked looking around. He looked down and thats when i knew i broke down in tears. I discharged my self getting a taxi home, shawn tried to stop me but i cant face him.

I took his child. I took our child. I got home and went straight to the bedroom,i grabbed a bag and packed my stuff- i went into the nursery. "I knew you would be in here, our baby would have been there tomorrow but that changed quick" shawn spoke in a wisper.

I grabbed my bag and shook my head "and its my fault, im so sorry shawn"i kissed his cheek, and begain to walk out he grabbed my wrist "dont go" he said tears streaming. "I have to just,promise me you will find someone who will give you a child and will keep it save i wish you the best of luck to find someone dont stop me dont beg just let it"he nodded before kissing me one more time

He held me in his arms rocking back and fourth, i stood up kissed his cheek "goodbye" with that i was gone

     "Goodbye" shawn said in a whisper knowing she couldn't hear him.

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