Suit Up- 1

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I have not read the Spider-Man comics, nor watched the original series or original movies. This is solely (sorta) based off of the current MCU. But I will bring in characters like Harry and Gwen. The Cafe Peter often goes to isn't a real thing, it is a business I want to own in the future. It might exist but I don't think so. This takes part a year before Civil War, and Pietro doesn't die because he is innocent boy that must be protected. Lastly, I will screw around with the timeline a bit. It will be fairly obvious in the first chapter, and this is more of an informative chapter than anything, and an introduction, so bare with me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story! P.S. sorry for the wall of text.


I scowled at the dartboard as I missed again. "Loser."

I turned and glared at my sibling, who was leaning on the bed, while looking at their phone. "Shut it, Y/n."

They scoffed. "Make me."

I shot webs at their hands, gluing them to their phone. "Peter Benjamin Parker, I swear to god I am going to suffocate you in your sleep." They shouted at me, while they tried to remove their hands from their phone.

Peter B. Parker
-He has organic webs, but if he uses them too much, then he experiences symptoms of malnutrition.
-Has wall-climbing abilities
-Organic webs are super powerful
-Uses artificial webs most often
-Very quippy
-Kinda jumpy
-Has slight anxiety
- ̶P̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ Definitely Bi
-Got powers from radioactive spider
-Enhanced Senses
-Nickname: Spidey, Spiderling, Webhead, Peteyboi, Mr. I'm-A-Smartass-And-I'm-Proud-About-It
-The Leader

I laughed, and watched them struggle to pull their hands off. They transformed into their Meta Dragon form, and used a loose claw to slice the webs.

Y/n M/i. Parker
-Black Dragon
-Can transform into a form where they have large black wings, dragon paws (hands?), inch long claws that are stronger than steel, black scales on their cheeks, dragon horns, and cat-like eyes.
-When annoyed, they huff. In their Meta Dragon form they huff smoke. Sometimes they do it in human form.
-They can also transform into a cat.
-They can summon energy daggers that can be controlled with the mind, but only 5 at a time.
-Also very quippy
-Also has spideysenses. (dragonsenses?)
-Genius but you'd never guess that
-Peter's Sibling
-Got powers from being born a mutant
-Much More Enhanced Senses
-Nicknames: Meta, Draco, Zero, Ms/Mr. Spilt-Milk (it wAS ONE TIME), N/n (Nickname), Catass
-The Planner

Y/n snarled at me, then transformed back into their human form. "Imma scratch you." They threatened playfully.

I laughed, and threw a dart again, this time making a bullseye. "Yes!" I said, doing a fist pump.

"You cheated." Y/n snorted.

I looked over. "Is it even possible to cheat at darts?" I questioned them.

"Nah. But you did."

I rolled my eyes, and pulled the dart off the board, putting it away. "You wanna go patrolling with me tonight?" I asked them.

"Sure. Is Shade coming?" They asked, shutting down their phone, and tossing it onto the plain black bed.

"I dunno. I haven't asked him yet." I told them, as I closed the dart board.

"Yo! Long-Distance-Run! Get in here!" Y/n screamed at the top of their lungs, while they dramatically fell onto the floor.

I laughed, as I heard footsteps walk into the room. "What's going on?" Miles asked.

Miles ? Morales-Parker
-Shadow Spider (If two webslingers are called Spider-Man that's gonna get confusing.)
-Has organic webs and wall-climbing abilities, but they won't last as long as Peter's will
-Has an electric sting, but can't control it yet so he must wear gloves at all times
-Uses artificial webs
-Can camouflage with area around him
-Is very quippy as well
-Has spideysenses
-Peter and Y/n's adopted brother (parents were killed in a fire)
-Straight as a corndog stick (probably)
-Got powers from another radioactive spider
-Enhanced Senses
-The Spy

"You wanna join Y/n and I on patrol tonight?" I asked him.

"Peter, we all always go on patrol together. I don't know why you even ask at this point." Miles sighed.

"That's his way of saying yes." Y/n put in.

"Alright. What's Aunt May doing?" I asked Y/n.

She closed her eyes for a moment, listening. "She's filling out paperwork." Y/n finally replied.

I nodded. "Okay guys. Suit up!"


And that concludes chapter one! The next chapter will be out pretty soon! Probably.

_-~Luna Out~-_

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