I shook my head. "Actually, no."

"That was Camille's outfit, right?" Jace said. "They're locals. They're at the Hotel DuMort, down in Gansevoort Street."

Clary looked at us as if we were crazy. "And we came back here? Why? We have to go there." She stated determinely. "Let's go, now. Come on." She urged.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Clary, chill." I sighed. "And besides, we can't."

"Ames is right. We need a Clave resolution for that." Alec told her. "The five of us can't declare war on the vamps all by ourselves."

"And we can't react without considering our options." I said.

"Downworlders are slaves to their impulses." Alec said, taking a jab at the downworld. "We're not."

Izzy gave her brother a look. "Alec, you can't just jump on all the Downworlders." She chided.

"Oh, that's right." Alec smirked. "Seelies have their charms, apparently."

"Right?" Jace agreed with a smirk.

The redhead, not getting the joke, asked, "seelies?"

"Like faeries." I replied.

"The Fair Folk." Jace explained to the confused Shadowhunter. "Add pixies, nixies, elves...anybody half-angel, half-demon. It's pretty much a catch-all term."

Alec smiled in amusement. "Izzy can tell you all about them." Clary turned to him. And with a raised eyebrow, he said, "she's got a thing."

"We've all got our things, don't we?" Izzy teased her brother. Alec's smile faltered.

Clary huffed. "Okay, I can't listen to this. Simon's been kidnapped by vampires." She moved away, and started to walk away from us. "I guess I'll just take care of it myself."

I scoffed. "You'll be their tasty little meal in seconds, love."

"Clary, you're gonna get yourself killed." Jace called after her but, still, Clary didn't budge.

"Clary. Simon, too." I piped up.

She gave us a pleading look as she marched back to the group. "Then help me. While we consider other options, my best friend is suffering." Then in a quieter voice, she retorted. "Is that something Shadowhunters understand or am I just being a mundane?"

No one spoke for a few minutes uuntil Jace sighed, "Clary's right." He gestured for us to come closer. "They made the first move. We're gonna take care of this ourselves, right now." Jace said in a hushed voice.

"This is a bad idea. I–" Alec disagreed.

"No way we are taking care of this ourselves." I protested. "Jace–"

"What, you two got a better one?" Jace snapped back. "Look, the vamps broke the Accords. They kidnapped a mundie. That's a big no-no. The Clave will give us a lecture and then they'll be glad we did it. Come on." He reasoned.

Izzy nodded her head. "Hard to argue with that."

"Even if we went ahead, I don't see how we get out of here without having to explain where we're going." Alec pointed out the flaw in Jace's plan.

I nodded. "We need weapons, and we can't let anyone see us get them."

Jace smirked. "I know where to get what we need."

• • •

"Whose grave is it?" Jace asked the brunette Shadowhunter.

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