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The redhead marched into the Institute, angry and anxious. "I still don't understand. How can Shadowhunters be better than... than what you people call mundanes?" Clary bitterly asked.

"Because we protect humans." Izzy replied. Clary sighed.

"You're right. Humans. You protect humans. You left Simon all alone in the van." She said, taking a jab at Izzy. "Great job, guys. You rock." She added sarcastically.

"There is some truth to the idea that human beings should have a modicum of common sense." Alec said.

I rolled my eyes. "Like stay in the van, means stay in the van."

Clary scoffed.

Izzy gave us a look, obviously distressed with the whole  situation. "Alec, Ames. Not now."

Jace tried to assure Clary. "Look, they won't do anything to Simon."

I nodded, agreeing. "They just wanted to draw you out. They want the Cup, and they think you have it."

Clary looked at us in bewilderment. "But why do they think that? Why does anyone think that?" She asked in exasperation. "What, my mom lies to me my entire life except, 'Oh, by the way, there's this magic cup, I hid on, like, the planet Bongo, but don't tell anyone'." Each word was laced with sarcasm. She sighed.  "What I supposed to do now?"

"We have to report to the Clave." Alec said.

"Great." Clary sardonically commented.

"They have to know we've learned about Valentine." I told the redhead. She just doesn't get it, does she?

"What, that he's my father? Great. Fine. Tell them." She spat. "What good does that do Simon?"

I crossed my arms over my chest. "It doesn't matter, okay? Simon's a hostage. You don't do anything to hostages."

"Clary, it's all connected. The vamps want the Cup." Jace told the redhead.

"Why? It makes new Shadowhunters." Clary answered confusedly.

I tsked. "My sweet, sweet, Clary, nobody wants Valentine forming an army loyal to himself."

"Plus, it controls demons." Alec added.

"They'll propose a trade. Simon for the Cup." Jace said.

Clary sighed. "So, vampires will trade Simon for the Cup and Valentine will trade my mother for the Cup. Either way, I lose someone I love."

I shrugged. "Either way you will, love. It's war."

"What if I just toss it up in the air and let them fight it out among themselves?" She asked with a sigh.

"So this doesn't matter to you?" Alec asked the redhead, silent anger radiating off of him.

"Yes, of course, it matters!" Clary snapped. "Listen, when you saved my life, I put my trust in you. Now, I need you to put your trust in me. I can't turn into what you are overnight." She told us.

I sighed. Clary has a point. "It's true."

"She was raised as a mundane." Izzy said.

"What are you two, her spokesman now?" Alec asked us in exasperation.

Clary glared at Alec. "I don't need a spokesman, I need a plan." She said, walking further into the Institute.

• • •

"Uh, look at all this stuff, these screens. I mean, can any of this help me find Simon?" Clary pointed to all of the screens. "Where is he, anyway? Some kind of crypt in Transylvania?"

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