phone call.

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+theo's pov+

school was alright today, i guess. no one mad fun of me, the work was easy, and i was with papa, dada, and daddy all day! they helped me with my work, they ate lunch with me, and everything! they are really amazing daddies!

i walk through the porch door, closing it behind me and locking it. the boys are gonna go home for the night, they are coming back tomorrow morning so while they are gone i'm gonna catch up on blues clues!

i set my backpack down, heading up the stairs and to my closet and changing into my panda onesie, grabbing my matching paci and onesie.

after changing clothes, i grab my coloring book and tv remote and i sit criss crossed on my carpet, turning on blues clues and opening my coloring book, looking for a page to color.

after looking through the book a few times, i finally decided that i'd color a ballerina, which had flowers decorating the outside of her.

after coloring and watching cartoons for about an hour, i hear my cell phone ringing. i run down the stairs, being careful not to trip, and grab my cell phone off the kitchen island, pressing the 'accept call' button and putting it next to my ear.

"hello?" i ask, the number not being familiar.

"baby?" i hear sobs. it's mom.

"mom?" i ask, worry laced in my voice.

"are you o-okay, baby?" she sobs, which breaks my heart. i've only heard her cry twice, the first when grandpa died, the second when my uncle steven died. has someone died?

"yeah, mommy, i'm fine. what's wrong?" i ask, tears prickling my eyes.

"it's y-your bro-ther, theo, he-e's.." he starts, and before she finishes the sentence, her sobs become louder.

what's wrong with chris? is he hurt?

"what's wrong with chris? mommy?" i ask, tears slowly running down my face, my body shaking slightly at the suspense of the phone call.

"h-e's d-dead!" she sobs, and right at that moment, my heart clenches.

dead? how can he be dead? i saw him only yesterday! what happened! i sob uncontrollably, memories of me and my brother flashing through my thoughts.

"m-mom. i-i-i've go-tta go" isob, hanging up and throwing my phone across the room, hearing a loud thud.

i bet this was all my fault.

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