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'' Kyoya sama is arrive'' The staff in palace announce the arrival of their Prince Kyoya

Kyoya get off from his limousine and walked where is father ( king ) be

There is two guard who guard the big door where is father be

'' Majesty prince Kyoya now here'' One of the guard annouce

'' Come in'' Majesty give permission

Two guard open the door

Kyoya walked in

'' Majesty why call me here?'' Kyoya kneel down

'' Hmm son tomorrow I will sent an invitation to all girl in one of school for your first party as crown prince on this weekend ''

'' For what Majesty'' Kyoya asked

'' Of course one of them will be your future wife and future queen one day''

'' But Majesty...''

'' I will not heard an excuse or anything, son I invite that school as all the girl are beautiful and intelligent''

'' Hai Majesty'' Kyoya obey his father ( king )

'' Son you dismiss''

Kyoya stand up and walked out

'' Kyoya nii sama'' Chrome calling his brother and hug his brother

'' Chrome chan did I already told you not run on hallways '' Kyoya scold his little sister

'' I am sorry Kyoya nii sama'' Chrome start to cry

'' Now don't cry I will read your favorite story at your bedroom'' Kyoya take his little sister hand

'' I am boring let read my favorite story at garden'' Chrome pout

'' Okay if for my adorable little sister request I will follow it'' Kyoya have smile expression on his face

'' Prince Kyoya is handsome'' All the maid sequel to saw Kyoya cute moment with his little sister

At the garden

Kyoya read the story for his little sister

Chrome put her head on his brother leg

'' Chrome is happy to saw Kyoya nii sama smile now'' Chrome have wide smile expression on her face

'' I am sorry make you worry Chrome chan'' Kyoya patted his little sister hair

'' Can Kyoya nii sama tell me why you happy?'' Chrome curious

'' I am found her at last, little sister'' Kyoya stare at blue sky

'' I am happy for you Kyoya nii sama'' Chrome have smile expression on her face

'' Thank you Chrome chan''

'' Growl''Chrome automatic stand up

'' I am hungry Kyoya nii sama'' Chrome have shy expression on her face

'' Let go to dining hall I am sure dinner is done by now'' Kyoya hold his little sister hand

'' Hai Kyoya nii sama''


See you next time > <

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