Chapter Eight

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Freddy and Springtrap woke up to complete silence, the first thing they noticed was both Frexy and Foxy were gone, they didn't know where the two foxes went while they're  were asleep, they then noticed the door was slightly opened, they remembered keeping it closed when they were working on Frexy.

"Do you think we should go look for them?" Asked Freddy.

"Freddy, you were the one that built Frexy, you should go look for her and Foxy, if you find them making out someplace then I feel sorry for you."

"Springtrap! Frexy sees Foxy as a brother and that's the way it should be, they're not in love!"

"That's what you think." Laughed Springtrap.

"Look, Foxy still loves me, he made a promise to me that he won't fall in love with Frexy, who knows maybe Frexy might find someone to love sometime in her life."

Freddy got up off of the floor he was sleeping on and exited the room, leaving Springtrap by himself, Springtrap took out his phone to watch his favorite movie "Ghostbusters" to pass the time.

Freddy saw Foxy sitting at the table in the main room, Foxy smiled and waved at him, Freddy waved back, he walked towards the table Foxy was sitting at and asked him;

"Hey Foxy, have you seen Frexy anywhere?"

"Yeah, she's in her room,the room we promised to work on for her."

"Oh, the one next to Bonnie and Chica's?"


"Ok, thanks, I'll go wake her up."

Freddy went down the hallway where their rooms were, the room was easy to find since it was at the end of the hallway, he knocked on the door to wake up Frexy.

"Hey Frexy, it's time to wake up now, me and Foxy have to work in there."

Frexy woke up to the sound of Freddy knocking on the door, she got up and opened it.

"F-Freddy..." Said Frexy tiredly "what do you want?"

"Me and Foxy are going to work on your room today, it might take awhile but you'll be patient, right?"

"Of course, but first, I have to get dressed then I'll be out." Said Frexy as she closed the door on Freddy.

"Alright, we'll be waiting for you in the main room." Said Freddy as he walked away.

Frexy looked at herself in a broken mirror that was hanging on the wall, she didn't care that it was broken, all she cared about was looking her best, she adjusted her bow tie and then smiled, Frexy then exited her soon-to-be room and walked down the hallway that lead her to the main room.

As Frexy entered the main room, she saw Freddy, Foxy and Chica on the stage getting ready to perform, she then saw Bonnie sitting at the table, playing on his phone, Frexy remembered that she needed to get guitar lessons from Bonnie, she walked towards him and sat next to him.

"Hey Bonnie." Greeted Frexy.

"Hey Frexy, I'm quite surprised that you're talking more now, so, what do you want?"

"Well....Foxy told me that Freddy had been looking for a guitarist ever since you left the band and he thinks I'm perfect, do you think you can give me guitar lessons?"

Bonnie turned off his phone and placed it flat on the table.

"Sure! I would like to teach you how to play, but I have to tell you, it's hard at first but you'll get the hang of it."

Bonnie grabbed his phone and got out of his seat to get his guitar from the closet where most of the instruments were stored, Bonnie opened the door and grabbed two guitars, he handed Frexy an acoustic guitar and Bonnie got his guitar which was very different from the one Frexy had.

"Follow me, I'll show you were the practice room is."

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