Reve felt cold, she felt for the blankets to cover herself. As she moved she felt restraints holding her down. As she tried to open her eyes, the bright light made it all but impossible to see.

“Ah I see you’re awake. Do you need a glass of water?” a male voice asked kindly.

She nodded as a raging thirst overcame her.

As her eyes adjusted to the light, she realised she was in a bed, and that both her arms had been handcuffed to it. A large white band secured her upper body but had left her lower half free.

A young man, his brown eyes showing his concern. Lowered a small glass with a straw to her lips which Reve gladly accepted. The crisp cool water slaked her thirst.

“My name’s Andrew. I’m your nurse. I’m sorry Doctor Augustine put you to sleep but he thought it would be best. Just in case you turned.” He explained. Light footsteps approached the other side of her bed; she turned her face and was greeted by a pair of small curious grey eyes.

“Now Emily, don’t be disturbing Reve” the doctor said.  Reve stiffened at the sound of his voice she hadn’t been aware he was in the room. The young girl stood back and went to join the Doctor and male nurse. She was around six years of age; her hair was tied high on top of her head in two pigtails. Doctor Augustine held his hand out for the young girl and helped her sit on an examining table.

Emily sat still, as she watched the doctor prepare a syringe. “She’s a lot like you Reve” he said, as he proceeded to inject a filmy liquid into the little girl’s arm.

Finally finding her voice she asked “Like me?” Her throat felt as if it had been packed with cotton wool.

The Doctor nodded. “Oh yes. Emily is a hybrid like you. We stumbled on her mother not that long ago and she’s been incredibly helpful.”

“I thought there were no others?”

“So did we. And look there’s now two of you. And with your help it will stay that way.” He made it sound as if they were an endangered species.

“My help? Why? What for?”

Dr Augustine chuckled. "Well Reve, we've been lucky with little Emily here, we managed to take some DNA samples and have inserted a hormonal device that prevents oestrogen being released."  Reve remained quiet, hoping for a better explanation.

"We analysed that as a hybrid is about to reach puberty or in your case maturity, a massive dose of oestrogen is released." He said, removing the syringe from the little girl’s arm, "Hybrid DNA had added chromosomes and a genetic coding that is much different to ours, the added influx of hormones seems to cause the body to shut down. We can't fully determine why exactly but Emily here; with the agreement of her mother." He added. "Has now an implant, which women used to have implanted to prevent an egg being realised during their menstrual cycle.” The doctor placed a small plaster on the girl’s arm and helped her down. “The implant has prevented Emily from maturing, and with your genetic coding; could help her mature safely.”

The realisation, that she could help another hybrid and possibly keep the monster at bay, was more than she could have hoped for.

“Can I have an implant?” She would beg if she needed too, anything as long as it would cage the beast inside.

"We'll run a few tests on you Reve and take a few more DNA samples that will give us something to work with, before we can decide if it will help.”

"Does this mean I can have that implant thing and never turn into one of those things?" Hope blossomed in her chest, an image of returning to her mother free of her alien DNA.

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