Calm The Fire: 94

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There was a strange silence then that enveloped Lake Town. Those who had survived the dragon's onslaught slowly and tentatively walked out into whatever remained of their homes, of their streets. They looked around half expecting the dragon to reappear. As if the sudden stop in attacking was a trick and that any minute now, he was going to reappear over the charred hills which surrounded the town and take to aiming fire down at them again.

Running out of a smoky alley way, Bofur looked around with wide eyes. He was trying to peer through the smoke which still hung thick and heavy to see if he could make out one of his friends, or both. Both would be good. Running again he carefully dodged and ducked out of the way of people who were now lining the streets muttering to themselves.

Most of them seemed to be congratulating Bard, and then questioning to where the Master was. Bofur didn't pay much mind to these two lines of conversation as he darted down another little alley way and came skidding around a corner, he had to leap over some fire which was slowly dying down.

“I shall think twice when cooking food.” Bofur skidded to a halt and looked to the side. “If this is what it feels like to be in an oven...”

“Since when did you ever do any cooking?!” Bofur exclaimed and pulled Fíli closer to himself. He put his hands on the younger Dwarf's shoulders and took to examining him.

“There's a first time for everything right?”

“Just give up meat, it's much healthier for you.” Both of them looked up to the nearest roof top. Náriel sat crouching and smiling down at them. With cautious steps she managed to make her way along to a safer part and climb down. Walking slowly towards them both she smiled again and waved her hand in front of her face. The smoke was obscuring her eyes, though it was something which was plaguing everyone. Bofur put a hand on her shoulder and took to examining her too. It was an action which caused her to laugh and gently push him away.

“I am fine! Fine...apart from being covered head to toe in soot.” Náriel looked to her darkened hands and patchy clothes, she could only picture what her face looked like. Though when looking up at her two friends she didn't think she looked any worse than them. Both of them had soot covering their faces and in their hair.

“Where is the Master? When things get serious he vanishes!” The three looked at each other and then slowly moved off around the corner. Their boots lightly scuffed against the charred remains of the pathway. Beside them the houses and small shacks weren't in any better condition. Most stood caving in on themselves. Burned out and smoke billowing up into the air.

A few people had taken to trying to put out most of the fires. It seemed that not all of the lake had been set alight. Others had taken to slowly kicking down doors and seeing if there was anyone within. If there was they'd get an arm around their shoulder and be led slowly out into the street.

Despite how self conceited these people first seemed, it did appear that they could show empathy and band together in something that didn't involve awaiting gold from Erebor. Náriel frowned and pushed gently through the crowd, Fíli and Bofur followed after her. They got words shot down at them but they simply narrowed their eyes in returned.

They aided to the downfall of Smaug. These people could at least be a little bit considerate. Náriel rolled her eyes, clearly they weren't capable of gratitude. “Where's Bard?” Náriel asked one person who they stopped near.

“Bard?” The man seemed truly confused and took to looking around. He narrowed his eyes and tried to peer through the smoke. Eventually he looked down and shrugged. “Not seen 'im.”

Náriel looked quickly to the two Dwarves by her side. “We have to find him.”

“Way ahead of you,” Fíli said while running through the crowd and taking to trying to hunt down the man who shot the fatal arrow. Bofur and Náriel both parted ways and ran off too.

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